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Game Updates/2017/December 11th

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November 17th, 2017 December 11th, 2017 December 27th, 2017

December 11th 2017 End of Fall 2017 Event Update

  1. The Fall 2017 Event is over.
    • Those admirals who cleared E4 will receive the Strait Medal for memorial.
      • The Medal doesn't have any special effect or usage. It will show in the statistic page and on some of the desk furniture.
  2. A special furniture The scroll of 1YB, Third Section is available for all admirals.
  3. Surigao Strait mode CG of Mogami, Shigure kai ni, Michishio kai ni, Asagumo and Yamagumo is over.
    • All Surigao Strait Images are saved in the Dictionary
    • Asagumo and Yamagumo still wear their winter outfits.
  4. The BGM in some maps are renewed
    • Some maps now play Christmas themes
  5. New homeport BGM "Pray"'
    • Will play if you purchase specific Funiture
  6. Tama Kai Ni
    • Tama now has a new remodel which requires her to be level 70 and requires a blueprint.
    • Tama can now equip Daihatsu + Tanks, Zuiun, Seaplane Fighters, Gyrocopters, SCAMP, and Night Aviation Personnel in her new remodel.
    • Tama as well as Kiso can also equip Medium size armor bulges.
  7. New Christmas CGs: Nagatsuki, Libeccio, Sado, Kinugasa + Kai Ni, Kamoi, Sagiri(mildly changed version), Shoukaku
  8. Akigumo now enters Shuraba mode.
  9. Christmas seasonal lines including about 20 new ships such as Shimushu and Etorofu
  10. CL fit guns changes
    • The accuracy of 14cm class, 15.2cm class and 12.7HA(Late model) buff a little. The accuracy of Agano class with 15.2cm class also buff a little.
  11. Commandant Teste + Kai, Kamoi kai bo now can equip part of the medium caliber main guns. However, their accuracy would become significantly low when equipping a gun above a 14cm type gun.
  12. UI renew: Mass equipment scrapping option
    • You can now choose to directly remove the equipment on the ships when we scrap them.
  13. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
    • With certain girls' assistance, now T1 fighter Hayabusa model II and T1 fighter Hayabusa model IIIA can be improved.
    • With certain girls' assistance, now Shiden Model 11 can be improved.
  14. LBAS ASW Patrol Update
    • The aircraft that can perform LBAS ASW patrolling attack are enhanced. Now the seaplane recons with +7 or more ASW stat can also perform LBAS ASW patrolling attack.
  15. The Vanguard Formation and the Striking Force Fleet now become unavailable. They will return in the Winter 2018 Event.
  16. New quests
    • 5 New Quests and the winter PVP quests are implemented.
      • Bq5 [Commence the Arctic Waters Defense!]
      • B110 [Provide combat patrols to the Arctic Waters!]
      • F65 [Preparations for Strengthening Equipment Development]
      • F66 [Maintenance of the Arsenal Environment] (Daily)
      • F67 [Integrated Maintenance of Operation Equipment] (Quaterly)
  17. Furniture Update
    • New Furniture includes:
      • 雪ペイントの床板
      • クリスマスのマット
      • 煉瓦作りのクリスマス壁
      • 冬のグレーな壁板
      • 白雪の壁紙
      • 多摩の迷彩ブラインド窓
      • 木製の高級ブラインド窓
  18. Christmas Seasonal Furniture
    • 温泉檜風呂, 温泉岩風呂 and 提督の麻雀卓 these three furniture now has a little seasonal arrangement. Some food on 鎮守府カウンタバー now becomes Christmas mode.
  19. Quest and Event Lines of Operation Sho-Gou 1
    • Now the special quest lines and event lines can be replayed in the library.
  20. Moonlit Sea (Suzutsuki ver.) now can be played in the jukebox.