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Game Updates/2017/December 27th

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December 11th, 2017 December 27th, 2017 January 1st, 2018

December 27th 2017 Naganami Kai Ni / End of Year Update

  1. Naganami Kai Ni
  2. 12.7cm Twin Mount Type-D Kai 2 Features
  3. New Seasonal CG
    • Akigumo has received Super Shubara mode CG
    • Kazagumo has received Sales Person Mode CG
    • Tsushima has received End of Year Cleaning CG
  4. New Seasonal Voice Lines
    • Over 20 Kanmusus have been given Shiwatsu related voice lines.
  5. Musashi LSC drop rate up
    • Newer Admirals will have a much higher chance of earning Musashi if you do not own her yet.
  6. Funiture Update
    • Several Types of furniture tied to the new year have been implemented along with another set of new Funiture.
      • 市松模様の長者畳
      • 主力of主力」掛け軸
  7. Naval Base Bar Countertop update
    • Naval Base bar Countertop now has a New Years Theme.
  8. Christmas related CG has ended
    • All Christmas related CG can now be viewed at the Encyclopedia.
  9. Stat Buff to various Destroyers
  10. Four New Quests implemented
    • The New Quests include the following:
      • A83 [Elite "31st Destroyer Division" First Platoon, prepare to Weigh Anchor!]
      • Bq6 [Elite "31st Destroyer Division", storm into the Iron Bottom Sound Area]
      • F68 [Concentrated Maintenance of Equipment Development Capabilities] (Weekly)
      • C15 [Project to Improve the Combat Strength of the Type-A Destroyers]
      • New Quests will reward New Type Artillery Armament Materials and Action Report
  11. Fleet Recording and Deploying update
    • You can now purchase up to 12 presets(purchase is required)
  12. New Expedition
    • The New Expedition, B2 Enemy Harbor Assult Counter Attack Operation has been implemented.
      • High Firepower is required to complete this expedition
  13. Renewed BGM
    • Some BGM from World 1 and World 2 will play the following music:
      • Winter Fleet
      • Winter, Weigh Anchor!
      • Twelvth Month of the Naval Base
  14. Jukebox Update
    • Jukebox now includes several Shiwatsu themed songs
  15. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update