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Game Updates/2023/February 14th

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January 31st, 2023 February 14th, 2023 February 27th, 2023

Valentine's Day

Special Chocolate
Setsubun Mini-Event has come to an end.

Development material Equipment

Improvement material Akashi arsenal updates

Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates
  • New Valentine 2023 Quest limited-time quests:
    • Sortie Quest 2302 B1 One-Time Quest 2023 Valentine's Limited Quest [Operation No.1] - バレンタイン2023限定任務【一号作戦】
    • Sortie Quest 2302 B2 One-Time Quest 2023 Valentine's Limited Quest [Operation No.2] - バレンタイン2023限定任務【二号作戦】
    • PVP Quest 2302 C1 One-Time Quest 2023 Valentine's Limited Quest [Special Exercise] - バレンタイン2023限定任務【特別演習】
  • New Early Spring Quest limited-time quests:
    • Sortie Quest 2302 B3 One-Time Quest [Early Limited Spring Quest] Deploy Striking Force - 【早春限定任務】海上遊撃戦、展開せよ!
    • Factory Quest 2302 F1 One-Time Quest [Early Limited Spring Quest] Enhancement of Night Air Operations Capability - 【早春限定任務】夜間航空作戦能力の増強
    • Factory Quest 2302 F2 One-Time Quest [Early Spring Limited Quest] Development of Prototype Night Zuiun - 【早春限定任務】試製「夜間瑞雲」の開発

⚙ Mechanics Update
  • New cut-in the "Night Zuiun Cut-in":
    • Make two attacks and drop starshells,
    • Need the new night Zuiun and main guns to trigger,
    • Effectiveness increased with Surface RADARSurface Surface Radar or another night zuiun.

The following ships' max stats have been buffed
  • Ship Banner Ushio Kai Ni.png +1Torpedo Attack, +2Anti-Air, +1Armor, +2 MaxLuck
  • Ship Banner Ooyodo Kai.png +1Firepower, +3Anti-Air, +1Armor, +5 MaxLuck
  • Ship Banner Aoba Kai.png +1Firepower, +2Anti-Air, +1Evasion
  • Ship Banner Tone Kai Ni.png +1Armor, +1Evasion, +3 MaxLuck
  • Ship Banner Haruna Kai Ni.png +1Anti-Air, +2Evasion, +2Line of Sight

Furniture Coin Furniture update
  • New furniture:
    • Admiral and secretary chair - 提督と秘書艦のチェア
    • Chocolate assortment wall - Chocolateアソート壁
    • Mixed wood floor - ミックスウッドの床
    • Valentine window (can be obtained in time-limited quest)
  • Furniture with seasonal CG update:
    • General-purpose circular desk for coastal defense ships - 海防艦の汎用円形机
    • Submarine fleet window - 潜水艦隊の窓
    • Cafe table set - Caféテーブルセット
    • Admiral's mahjong table (winter) - 提督の麻雀卓(※冬仕様)
    • Mandarin oranges and custom-made naval base dining table - 蜜柑と特注鎮守府ちゃぶ台

♫ BGM update
  • Valentine's Sea Valentine's Sea
  • Hinamatsuri and Shipgirls - 桃の節句と艦娘
  • Shigure of Sasebo - 佐世保の時雨

💻 UI update
  • On the Formation selection the Flagship and the formation can be hidden to make the map visible.

Bug fix

♥ Seasonal update Valentine's Day 🍫