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Game Updates/2022/July 13th

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June 30th, 2022 July 13th, 2022 July 28th, 2022

Hayashio Kai Ni Update

  • The Spring 2022 Event is now finished! Congratulation to all Teitoku for your hard work.

  • Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates:
    • New limited time quest:
      • Quest sortie.png 2207 B1 (Limited Quest) Resource recovery maritime escort - 【期間限定任務】資源回復海上護衛
    • New permanent quests:
      • Quest sortie.png B184 Quest once.png Weigh anchor! Powerful DesDiv15 - 抜錨!精強「第十五駆逐隊」
      • Quest sortie.png B185 Quest once.png The hard fight of US destroyer unit - 米駆逐艦部隊の奮戦
      • Quest factory.png F110 Quest once.png New equipment development plan 3 - 【工廠任務】新装備開発計画III
      • Quest factory.png F111 Quest once.png Deployment of a new night recon - 【工廠任務】新夜偵の実戦配備
    • Quest no longer available:
      • Quest sortie.png 2204 B1 (Limited Spring Quest) Amatsukaze of Spring - 【春限定】春の天津風!
      • Quest sortie.png 2204 B2 (Limited Quest) 9th Anniversary Fleet, Set Sail! - 【限定任務】艦隊9周年、抜錨せよ!
      • Quest sortie.png 2204 B3 (Limited Quest) For a 9th Anniversary Fleet, Extra Operation! - 【限定任務】艦隊9周年、拡張作戦!
    • Seasonal quest updated:
      • Quest pvp.png C67 Large Scale Summer Exercise - 夏季大演習

  • Furniture Coin Furniture update:
    • Kaibokan Temporary Pool - 海防艦仮設プール
    • Summer sky sea wall - 夏空の海壁
    • Summer decoration of DesDiv15 - 十五駆の夏飾り

  • UI update:
    • Fleet preset menu screen now supports mouse wheel operation!

  • ♫ BGM update ♫ Normal maps and Jukebox changed to Summer mode
    • ♪ Shiratsuyu after rainy season - 梅雨明けの白露
    • ♪ Shipgirls on the beach - 浜辺の艦娘
    • ♪ Mediterranean sea breeze -「地中海の潮風」