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Game Updates/2020/October 16th

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October 16th 2020 Akigumo Kai Ni Update

  1. Akigumo Kai Ni
    • Akigumo's Kai Ni is now available for remodel. She will also receive new voice lines
    • Akigumo will need an Action Report and a Blueprint along with some development materials.
    • Akigumo will have the special combat characteristics of Kagerou-class and Yuugumo-class Kai Ni remodel benefits.
  2. New Equipment
  3. New Quests
    • The following new quests have been made available:
      • Main Force of the Main Force, Powerful "DesDiv 10", ready to sortie!
      • And thus the whale stirs to protect the calm sea! (Will reward "'Whale' Wall Scroll")
      • The cream of the crop! Main Force of the Main Force, commence exercises!
      • Main Force of the Main Force, go wild!
      • Formation of a splendid biplane squadron
      • Tea time exercises!
      • Elite "DesDiv 27", be careful during evasive maneuvers! (Will reward "Time for Baked Potatoes and Reading" Furniture")
      • Nowaki's Great Adventure! (Limited time Quest)
  4. New Furniture
    • Sweet Potato Fashionable Window
    • Chestnut Wallpaper
    • Chestnut Ink painting and Autumn display case
    • Akishimo Writing Desk and Chestnut Manju
    • Mont Blanc Window
  5. New CG and Update
    • Fishing Mode CGs have returned
    • Richelieu now has Mont Blanc Mode CG
    • Nowaki now has Halloween CG
  6. Autumn Voice Lines
  7. LSC Update
  8. Development Update
  9. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  10. BGM Update
    • New BGM Akigumo's Sketches has been added to the jukebox as well as some maps in the game.
  11. UI Update
    • An icon to Akashi's Arsenal has been to help distinguish normal improvement options from special ones.
      • The aforementioned icon will be bright green when you select a fully improved item that can be upgraded.
      • The visibility of improvement levels when obtaining equipment with stars has been improved.