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Game Updates/2022/September 11th

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August 31st, 2022 September 11th, 2022 September 30th, 2022

Extra Operation Summer 2022 Event

Extra Operation Event Release - Large counterattack landing! Operation Torch
  • E-4 : Atlantic Ocean/Off the coast of Gibraltar [Operation Torch Task Force, Weigh Anchor!] - 大西洋/ジブラルタル沖【トーチ作戦任務部隊、抜錨!】
  • E-5 : Off Gibraltar/Off North Africa [Counterattack Landing! Operation Torch] - ジブラルタル沖/北アフリカ沖【反攻上陸!トーチ作戦】
  • E-6 : Off Casablanca [Naval Battle of Casablanca] - カサブランカ沖【カサブランカ沖海戦】

Shop Icon Marriage Ring and Documents.png New Ships

Development material New Equipment

✿ Seasonal update
  • The end of the summer, everyone in Yukata!
  • Excepted the whales still on vacation at Casablanca.
    • Some girls are still in summer mode.