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Game Updates/2021/June 22nd

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June 2nd, 2021 June 22nd, 2021 July 15th, 2021

June 22nd, 2021 Rainy Season 2021 Update

  1. Spring 2021 Event has come to an end
  2. Furniture Update
    • Meals and drinks severed at the bar counter top have been updated to include the new ship girls
    • Cypress Baths, Flower Arrangements, Kaiboukan Table, Submarine window set, Window Stand and the Bar Counter tops have been updated for the rainy season
  3. Equipment update
  4. New CG Update
  5. Rainy Season Voice Lines Update
    • Raining Season voice lines have returned
    • Several of the new kanmusu have been given rainy season voicelines
    • Murasame, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi and Shigure have been given new voice lines for the rainy season.
  6. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  7. Equipment Development Update
  8. BGM Update
    • Rainy Season Music has been updated for various normal maps and in the jukebox
  9. Furniture Update
    • Furniture has been updated for the rainy season along with the inclusion of the following new furniture:
      • Naganami and Takanami Window Set
      • American Cruiser Dresser
      • 2nd Torpedo Squadron's Small Wall Shelf
      • Charging Navigation Floor
  10. New Quests
    • A total of 10 new quests have been added to this update which includes the following:
      • C58 [Cruiser Squadron, Commence Practice!] - 「巡洋艦戦隊」演習!
      • F96 [Redevelopment of the Naval Arsenals] - 海軍工廠の再整備
      • F97 [Preparation for modifying equipment through the arsenal] - 工廠による装備兵装の強化準備
      • F98 [Mass production of submarine modified equipment] - 潜水艦強化兵装の量産 (Yearly)
      • F99 [Mass production of submarine radar Equipment] - 潜水艦電子兵装の量産 (Yearly)
    • Annual Task Operation have been implemented
    • The following Annual Tasks have been implemented for the month of June:
      • By6 [Carry out a patrol in the waters near the naval district] - 鎮守府近海海域の哨戒を実施せよ!
      • By7 [Secure the logistics route to the southwest!] - 南西方面の兵站航路の安全を図れ!
      • By8 [Aircraft carrier task force, sortie! Intercept the enemy fleet!] - 空母機動部隊、出撃!敵艦隊を迎撃せよ!
      • By9 [Operation AL] - AL作戦 (Rank Points rewarded)
      • By10 [Main Task Force decisive battle] - 機動部隊決戦 (Final part of the Quest Tree of the Annual Quest/ Rank Points Rewarded)
  11. Limited Time Drops[1]
    • I-8 is now available in the Naval District Sea Route (1-6) for a limited time
    • Akizuki can be found in the Bashi Channel (2-2) for a limited time
    • Ariake can be found in the Salmon Sea Area (5-4) for a limited time