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Game Updates/2016/June 1

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May 13, 2016 June 1, 2016 June 10, 2016

June 1st, 2016 "End of the Spring 2016 Event / Rainy Season 2016 Update"

  1. End of the Spring 2016 Event
  2. Rainy Season Voice Lines Implemented
    • Over 100+ kanmusus lines now contain Rainy Season lines which will include those from last year along with new ones.
  3. New Missions
    • There will be 3 new missions added in with this update:
      • A69 [Organize the new reformed Torpedo Squadron Fleet!]
      • B70 [Reformed Fleet, Set Sail to the Nansei Island Defense Line!]
      • B71 [Strengthen the Safety of the Local Naval Base Sea Route.]
  4. Naval Base Counter Bar feature additions
  5. Rainy Season Furniture
    • Rainy Season Furniture has been implemented in the furniture shop which include:
      • Satsuki's Wallpaper
      • Satsuki's Desk
      • Satsuki's Window
      • Ayu season wallpaper
      • The rainy season of the floor
      • Window with hydrangea and Teruteru
      • Fresh green flooring
      • Battleship tile floor
      • Naval Base Air Force desk
      • Rainy season green curtain window
      • Rainy season wisteria wallpaper
      • Wisteria and Water Surface Floor - dynamic discount
  6. Apology Gift Items
    • Players who were already participating in E-6/7 of 2016 Spring Event prior to the announcement of the bug on May 4th (JST) are given an advanced release of the furniture "Command Desk of the Army Air Squadron".
    • Players who were able to participate in E-5/6/7 of 2016 Spring Event before the bug fix on May 5th (JST) are given an advanced release of Type 1 Land Attacker Model 22A.
    • Two furnishings are given for free upon log-in, another is available in the furnishing store for free.
  7. End of "Uzuki" festival
    • Uzuki will no longer drop outside of her usual drop locations, however Akashi will still be available for some time
  8. Bugfixes
    • Kamikaze Kai's resupply banner has been fixed, and status page of home bases BGM music has been fixed
  9. Rainy Season CG art
  10. Main Gun Fitting Bonus Improvement to Kongou-Class
  11. Land Based Aircraft Locking/Unlocking Now Possible
    • By choosing the "..." filter in the equipment list, land-based planes (attackers/interceptors) can now be locked/unlocked despite them not able to be equipped by any kanmusu.
    Example of land-based plane locking while changing Ryuuhou Kai's equipment
  12. UI improvements
    • When in the equipment page, in the top right corner of the equipment list there will be a new button, which toggles between the equipment in reserve and the equipment currently equipped by other ships. Equipment equipped by other ships will display differently if the ship is deployed to an expedition or if the ship is under repair.
    • It is now possible to equip a piece of equipment currently equipped by other kanmusus without unequipping from the current user.

Undocumented (bug?):

  1. The new UI improvement now allows equipment to be indirectly removed from ships currently being repaired (by equipping said equipment onto another ship).