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Game Updates/2015/June 26th

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June 12th, 2015 June 26th, 2015 July 3rd, 2015

June 26th, 2015 The Beginning of Summer Update

  1. New CG for Shouhou Kai
    • Light Carrier Shouhou Kai will have new CG for both normal and damaged art. Please take care of Shouhou in the new season too!
  2. Furnishing Shop Listing Updated for Season
    • Listings in the Furniture Shop updated for the start of summer. Includes two new furnishings "Water Bath" and "Japanese-Lantern Window"; "Beach Floor", "Wind Chimes of the Naval Base", etc., return to be available in the furniture shop.
  3. New Regular Map Available
    • In order to search for the main force of enemy mobile forces, carry out air reconnaissance towards the abyssal anchorage deep in the Central Sea Region. Sortie to 6-3 with a seaplane tender equipped with either large flying boat or superior recon seaplanes escorted by torpedo squadron, and carry out the air reconnaissance operation "Operation K"!
  4. Regarding Air Reconnaissance Map
    • Map Operation K is an "Air Reconnaissance Map". By using powerful seaplane for reconnaissance, it's possible to survey locations important to the enemy by air. In the case of success and critical success, obtaining a B-rank or better victory at the final destination will complete the operation and award the admiral with recon awards (resources etc.)
  5. New Equipment Eligible for Improvement
  6. Additional Benefits for Improved SONARs
    • Improved SONARs and hydrophones now increase evasion against enemy torpedo salvo based on the improvement level. Please utilize this well when fighting against enemy submarine fleets.
  7. Fix of Anti-Air Equipment Bug
    • There was a bug that prevented the Fleet Anti-Air bonus and formation bonus to be applied to the Anti-Air calculation. This update fixes the bug.
  8. Takanami Banner Fix and New CG
    • Fixed a bug where certain banner displays will remove the Kai symbol for Takanami Kai. She now also has a new CG.
  9. Seasonal CG and Voice Implementation for Shiratsuyu and Murasame
    • Destroyers Shiratsuyu Kai and Murasame Kai have seasonal CG and seasonal naval base voice. Please take care of the destroyers for the start of summer.
  10. Seasonal Voice Implementation
    • Akagi, Fusou, Kaga, Tone and others have start of summer naval base voice.
    • We plan to have more ships with start of summer voices for the next update too.
  11. End of Rainy Season CG/Voices
    • The rainy season CG and voices have been removed. (The CG can be viewed in the ship album/index.)
  12. Kanoya Base and Iwakawa Base Servers Strengthened
    • The two named servers now deal better against stress connections.
  13. Seasonal CG and Voice Implementation for 7th Destroyer Division
    • Destroyers Oboro, Akebono, Sazanami, Ushio (Including Ushio Kai 2) have seasonal CG and seasonal naval base voice. Please take care of the 7th Destroyer Division for the start of summer.