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Game Updates/2015/June 12th

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May 29th, 2015 June 12th, 2015 June 26th, 2015

June 12th, 2015 Update (The Kako Kai Ni Update)

217 Kako kai ni.png

  1. Kako Kai Voice Update
    • Heavy Cruiser Kako Kai will now have new voices for Idle, resupplying, married secretary and on-getting-hit.
  2. Kako Kai Ni Update
    • Heavy Cruiser Kako will now be upgradable to Kai Ni. The required level is high for the upgrade. No blueprint is required.
    • She will now have new secretary lines and battle lines.
  3. New BGM
    • 2 new BGM, "Sound of Rain in Naval Base" and "Rain, Wine, and Ship Girls" are available as naval base BGM.
    • Can be requested and set via Jukebox.
    • Jukebox UI is updated.
  4. BGM for Some Existing Seasonal Furniture
    • "Sound of Rain in Naval Base" can be heard by newly setting "Teru Teru Bouzu". "Rain, Wine, and Ship Girls" can be heard by newly setting the "Anchorage Counter Bar".
  5. New Improvements Available at the Improvement Arsenal
  6. Effect of Improved RADAR
    • Depending on the RADAR specification, improvement increases the Anti-AirAnti-Air, AccuracyAccuracy, and Effective Line of Sight Line of Sight.
  7. New Equipment Development Available
  8. Effect of Anti-Surface Rocket Launcher Increased
    • The special bonus for the WG42 is increased (however, it is still lower than that of Type 3 Shells).
  9. Certain Ships Attribute Increased
    • Isuzu Kai Ni has increased maximum LuckLuck.
    • Kinugasa Kai Ni has increased maximum LuckLuck, EvasionEvasion, and FirepowerFirepower.
    • Furutaka Kai Ni has increased base and maximum EvasionEvasion.
    • Verniy has increased maximum LuckLuck.
  10. Harbour Princess Gets Final Form
    • This update implements a final form for Harbour Princess. She can be encountered at the final stage of the new map.
  11. New Map Available
  12. A Specific Point of the New Map...
  13. Strengthened BOT/Macro Detection
    • Detection for Bots and Macros have been strengthened. Using illegal tools reduces the resources for the server and violates the ToS. Those who are using illegal tools should immediately cease doing so.