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Marriage Ceremony

Marriage (ケッコンカッコカリ, lit. Provisional Marriage) was introduced with the 14th February 2014 Update. This mechanic allows you to marry ship girls to increase their abilities.


To marry a ship girl, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • The girl must be level 99
  • You must have a Wedding Ring and Documents in the inventory.
    • It is important to remember to take any rings your purchase out of the special inventory first or they cannot be used.
    • You can recieve one ring for free by completing the quests below.
    • More rings can be purchased from the Shop for 700 points each.

Marriage Effects

Gameplay Effects

  1. Raises the level cap of the ship girl to 175.
    • This allows anti-submarine  , line of sight   and evasion   to continue increasing according to each ship girl's stat growth value.
    • The repair time will increase as a consequence of higher levels.
    • Level is increased from 99 to 100 upon marriage.
  2. Bonus +3~6 luck  .
    • This bonus will not go over the ship girl's hard luck cap.
  3. Consumption of fuel   and ammo   is reduced by 15%.
    • This does not affect bauxite   consumption when replenishing planes.
  4. Max HP is increased. Please see table below for details.
    • This cannot exceed her HP cap.
    • The HP bonus is fixed according to remodel and does not carry over. I.e. marrying Bismarck Base/Kai (90/94 +5) will not get her to 101HP upon remodel to Zwei/Drei (96 +3).
  5. Overweight gun fit accuracy penalties are reduced by 40%.
HP Increase Ship List
+2 Submarine Maruyu Kai
Auxiliary Hayasui
+3 Battleship Bismarck Zwei/Drei
+4 Destroyer All Base Remodels · Kamikaze-class Kai · Mutsuki-class Kai/Kai Ni
Coastal Defense Ship All Remodels
Light Cruiser All Base Remodels[1]
Submarine All SS/V Remodels[2]
+5 Destroyer All Kai/Kai Ni Remodels[3]
Light Cruiser Yuubari Base/Kai · Agano-class Base
Battleship All Base Remodels · Bismarck Kai · Nelson Kai
Light Carrier All Base Remodels
Auxiliary Akitsushima · Kamoi · Akitsumaru Base · Taigei · Akashi Base · Katori-class Base
+6 Light Cruiser All Kai/Kai Ni Remodels[4]
Heavy Cruiser Mogami-class Base · Furutaka-class Kai · Aoba-class Kai
Battleship Vittorio Veneto-class Kai
Light Carrier All Kai Remodels[5]
Auxiliary All Remodels[6] · Akitsumaru Kai · Akashi Kai · Katori-class Kai
+7 Light Cruiser Jintsuu Kai Ni
Heavy Cruiser All Remodels[7]
Light Carrier All Kai Ni Remodels · Hiyou-class Kai
Carrier All Base/Kai Ni Remodels · Souryuu Kai · Hiryuu Kai · Unryuu-class Kai
+8 Battleship All Kai/Kai Ni Remodels[8]
Carrier All Kai Remodels[9]
+9 Battleship Yamato-class Kai · Iowa Kai
  1. Except Yuubari and Agano-class.
  2. Except Maruyu Kai.
  3. Except Kamikaze and Mutsuki-class.
  4. Except Yuubari Kai and Jintsuu Kai Ni.
  5. Except Hiyou-class.
  6. Except Kamoi and Akitsushima.
  7. Except Mogami-class Base and Furutaka/Aoba-class Kai.
  8. Except Bismarck, Nelson, Vittorio Veneto-class, Iowa and Yamato-class.
  9. Except Souryuu, Hiryuu and Unryuu-class.

Cosmetic Effects

Wedding ring appears on bottom right.
Wedding ring appears on bottom right.
  1. An animated sakura petal shower effect will appear behind the married ship girl at the Home Port menu when she is the secertary ship.
  2. A wedding ring icon will appear on her card and banner.
  3. Her name will have a pink tint on the Composition menu.
  4. She will get an additional secretary voice line.

Additional Notes

  • You can rewatch the marriage cinematic at any time from the Library menu.
    • Note that only the remodel you married will have the cinematic available. I.e. Marrying Kongou Kai Ni will not allow you to view the cinematic for Kongou Base/Kai.
  • Marriage will not change the minimum and maximum stats of a ship girl.
  • Morale and resupply status do not change on marriage.
    • HP will get replenished because of the increase.

Marriage Procedure

  1. Proceed to the Remodel menu and select the girl you wish to marry.
    • Her level indicator will be glowing to signify that she can be married.
      Level number glows upon hitting Lv99.
  2. Click on her level indicator to bring up the marriage menu.
    Confirmation dialog. Click the left button to confirm.
  3. Click on the Sign the Document (書類一式にサインする) button to confirm.
    • The cinematic may take a while to load so please be patient.

Marriage Quests

Couple Futon furniture (bottom left).
Quest info Rewards
Prepare for the Ceremony! (Part 1)
Prepare for the ceremony! Scrap equipment twice at the factory for the preparation!
  • Scrap equipment twice.
Development Material
Notes Requires: A16

Prepare for the Ceremony! (Part 2)
Obtain 2 victories in Exercises in order to sort out feelings for the ceremony!
  • Score 2 B+ ranks in PVP during the same day.
Development Material
Notes Requires: WF01

Prepare for the Ceremony! (Part 3)
Set a highly experienced (Lv90~99) ship girl as the First Fleet flagship and sort out feelings!
  • Set a Lv90 to 99 ship as Secretary.
Furniture Box (Large)
Notes Requires: WC01

Prepare for the Ceremony! (Final)
Sortie with a highly experienced First Fleet Flagship, and gain victory in the dawn horizon of the Orel Sea!
  • Assemble a fleet containing a Lv90 to 99 Secretary, and S rank the boss node of 2-3.
Marriage Ring and Documents
Notes Requires: WA01

Embark on New Travels!
Set a ship girl that you've strengthened the bond with (Lv100+) as the First Fleet Flagship and compose a fleet of 6 ships!
  • Assemble a fleet containing a Lv100+ Secretary, and 5 XX.
Emergency Repair Personnel
Notes Requires: WB01

First Mission We Do Together!
Sortie with the First Fleet led by a ship girl that you've strengthened the bond with to Ri Lanka Island and eliminate the enemy core!
  • Assemble a fleet containing a Lv100+ Secretary, and 5 XX, and S rank the boss nodes of 4-3.
Thin Futon
Notes Requires: WA02
Unlocks: A40.

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