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Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!

Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! vol.1

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 4コマコミック 吹雪、がんばります! (Kantai Collection -KanColle- 4-koma Comic Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!)

Naval Base Communications

Naval Base Communications

鎮守府通信 (Chinjufu tsuushin)

  • Author: Harada Shoutarou
  • on Famitsu Comic Clear
  • Sponsor: DMM.com
  • Tenryuu & Tatsuta, along with other ship girls, discuss the game. Updates irregularly. (parsed machine translation)
  • It can be found online at Famitsu.

Someday in the Calm Seas

Someday in the Calm Seas vol.1

艦これ: いつか静かな海で (KanColle: Itsuka Shizukana Umi de) Combined Fleet Girls Who Long For Peaceful Sea

Torpedo Squadron Chronicle

Torpedo Squadron Chronicle vol.1

水雷戦隊クロニクル (Suirai Sentai Kuronikuru)


Nanodesu! vol.1

艦これ。なのです! (KanColle. Nanodesu!)

  • Author: Nanaroku ( Pixiv / Twitter )
  • on Age Premium
  • Debuted: January 2014
  • Volume 1 release: May 9, 2014
  • Features Inazuma as the main character, along with the rest of her sister ships. The story focuses on Inazuma's conviction to spare the lives of her enemies if possible, as implied by her in-game lines. Takes place in a Venice-esque town.

The Whirlwind Girl Shimakaze

The Whirlwind Girl Shimakaze vol.1 Limited Edition

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 島風 つむじ風の少女 (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Shimakaze Tsumujikaze no Shoujo)

The Perched Naval Base

The Perched Naval Base vol.1

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 止まり木の鎮守府 (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Tomarigi no Chinjufu)

Kancolle Play Manga: Kankan Biyori

Kancolle Play Manga: Kankan Biyori vol.1

艦これプレイ漫画 艦々日和 (KanColle Purei Manga Kankan Biyori)

Yuru's Warship ~ Female Admiral's Play Diary

Yuru's Warship ~ Female Admiral's Play Diary

ゆる艦~女提督プレイ日記~ (Yuru-kan ~ Onna Teitoku Play Nikki)

  • Author: Nishifuji Sasame? (仁藤 砂雨)
  • Illustrations: Wakui Souta
  • on ?
  • The confusion-filled start of a newly-assigned female admiral. Inazuma will teach & support the useless admiral. (parsed machine translation)
  • It can be found online at ComicWalker.

Anthology Comics

Yokosuka Naval Base

Yokosuka Naval Base vol.1

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- アンソロジーコミック 横須賀鎮守府 (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Anthology Comic Yokosuka Chinjufu)

Kure Naval Base

Kure Naval Base

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- コミックアンソロジー 呉鎮守府編 (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Comic Anthology Kure Chinjufu)

  • by DNA Media Comics
  • Publisher: Ichijinsha
  • Release: October 25, 2013
  • Slice-of-life shenanigans

Maizuru Naval Base

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- コミックアラカルト 舞鶴鎮守府編 (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Comic a la Carte Maizuru Chinjufu)

Maizuru Naval Base vol.1

Sasebo Naval Base

Sasebo Naval Base vol.1

艦隊これくしょん ‐艦これ‐ 電撃コミックアンソロジー 佐世保鎮守府編(Kantai Collection -KanColle- Dengeki Comic Anthology Sasebo Chinjufu)

Advice for Naval Base Life

Advice for Naval Base Life

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 鎮守府生活のすゝめ (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Chinjufu Seikatsu no Susume)

KanColle Journal

KanColle Journal

艦これジャーナル 艦娘たちのお正月 (KanColle Journal Kanmusume-tachi no Oshogatsu) KanColle Journal New Year Ship Girls

  • by Kadokawa Combined Fleet
  • Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Release: January 1, 2015
  • A collective effort to provide 332 pages of official illustrations by game artists & colored manga oneshots for the new year. (parsed machine translation)
  • A sample images at otakomu & Orusama's tumblr, or uploaded on the wiki by Buddy2eyes & Dragonjet

Kekkon Kakko Kari Anthology

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- ケッコンカッコカリアンソロジー (Kantai Collection -KanColle- Kekkon Kakko Kari Anthology)



side:Kongou, vol.1

艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- side:金剛 (Kantai Collection -KanColle- side:Kongou)

Black Order

  • statement by Comics Walker HP
  • To be by Kozo Omori
  • Cancelled before release, apparently as a result from conflicts with the editorial staff
  • Apparently, the first anniversary illustrations Comptiq & side:Kongou ending illustrations contained promotional images
  • Original post Information parsed though a machine translation
  • Information provided by this Wiki contributor.
Black Order sample 1
Black Order sample 2