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Game Updates/2021/May 8th

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April 22nd, 2021 May 8th, 2021 May 20th, 2021

May 8th 2021 Spring 2021 Event (Main Operation) Update

  1. Clash! Night Battle off Lunga Main Operation Commences
  2. (Main Operation) E-1: 31st Squadron, Deploy!
    • Mission Area: Taiwan / Spratly Islands / Off the coast of the Philippines
    • Ships participating in this operation will be assigned to the 31st Squadron
    • The new Matsu class destroyer, Momo, will be rewarded for clearing the map.
  3. (Main Operation) E-2: Battle of 6th Fleet
    • Mission Area: Solomon Area / Rennell Sea
    • Ships participating in this operation will be assigned to either the 6th fleet or 3rd fleet depending on their start location.
    • This map is where submarines and their tenders are going to shine.
    • The new I-class submarine, I-203, can also be acquired here.
  4. (Main Operation) E-3: Night Battle off Lunga Point
    • Mission Area: Tassafaronga Anchorage Sea
    • Participants in this operation will be 2nd Torpedo Squadron, 8th Fleet and Combined Fleet.
    • In this map, the elite 2nd Torpedo Squadron is the key to victory.
    • Also, you will be able to encounter the latest Yuugumo class destroyer, Makinami, who fought along side Naganami and Takanami as members of the 2nd Torpedo Squadron.
    • For clearing the map, the new Northampton class heavy cruiser name ship, Northampton, will be rewarded.
  5. Preliminary Implementation of Submarine Fleet Attacks
    • A new special attack, Submarine Fleet Attack, used by a submarine tender and several submarines has been implemented.
    • Each submarine fleet attack consumes a Submarine Supply Material.
    • Several can be obtained during this Spring Event.
    • It can trigger when the flagship is a submarine tender and there are submarines in the 2nd and 3rd fleet position.
    • If the 4th ship is a submarine as well, it will increase the trigger chance.
    • The activation chance and the attacking ships depend on the ships' levels, luck and damage status.
    • It can trigger in either Echelon or Line Abreast.