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Game Updates/2020/August 27th

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August 27th, 2020 Kaga Kai Ni Update

  1. The 2020 Rainy/Summer Event has come to an End
  2. Summer Content Removed
    • All Swimsuit CGs, Voicelines, furniture, and limited time Summer drops have been removed.
    • All CGs can be found in the Library page if necessary.
  3. Kaga Kai Ni Remodel
    • Kaga Kai Ni conversion improves her overall combat strength
    • Her initial conversion requires her to be level 82 + 2 Blueprints, 1 Prototype Flight Deck Catapult, 1 Action Report and 2 Aviation Materials along with 120 devmats, 4700 ammo and 8800 steel.
    • This remodel is reversible.
  4. Kaga Kai Ni E Remodel
    • Can be remodeled at level 82 + additional 88 devmats and 30 torches.
    • Allows Kaga to attack in night battle.
    • This remodel is reversible.
  5. Kaga Kai Ni Go Remodel
    • Can be remodeled at level 84 + additional 84 devmats and 84 torches.
    • Allows Kaga to use Autogyros, Helicopters, Jets and ASW patrol planes.
    • Grants the ability to perform OASW.
    • Will prioritize attacking Submarines.
    • This remodel is reversible.
  6. New Equipment
    • TBM-3W+3S has been introduced
      • This plane is a combination of the TBM-3D and TBM-3S giving the plane a powerful night attack while also providing strong ASW support.
      • A new Quest will allow you to obtain this plane.
  7. New Quests
    • A total of 6 new quests have been added
      • Aircraft Carrier Exercises
      • Reinforce our maritime escorts in the Nansei Islands area!
      • Special Aircraft Carrier Mission: Our Carrier Divisions, Peerless and Unmatched!
        • You'll be able to obtain a "Prototype Deck Catapult" from the Special Aircraft Carrier Mission
      • Remodeled Kaga-class Aircraft Carrier "Kaga K2", Set Sail!
      • Peerless "CarDiv 1", Sortie! Defeat Them With a Single Strike!
      • Introduction of Cutting-Edge ASW Patrol Aircraft
  8. UI update
    • Fixed bugs that caused the game to freeze under certain conditions when you hear the voice lines upon logging in.
    • Fixed bugs that caused the game to freeze under certain conditions in fleet preset menu.
    • Fixed icon in 3-2 description to show the correct resource that can be obtained.
    • Font colors have been added for fleet preset system to make Save and Load option easier to tell apart.
    • Changed Save and Load button accordingly.
  9. New BGM
    • Kaga, Conquering the Sea is now available.
    • Can play in various maps and can be selected on your Jukebox.
  10. New Furniture
    • Along with fall furniture, the following new furniture is introduced:
      • Coastal Defense Ships' Generic Round Table
      • Admiral's & Secretary's Wooden Desk
      • "Cape Kaga" Wall Scroll (Quest Reward)
  11. Seasonal update to furniture and quests
    • The following items are receiving season-appropriate changes:
      • Cypress Wood Bathtub
      • Rocky Bathtub
      • Naval Base Bar Counter (partly)
      • Large-scale Flower Arrangement
      • Bar Counter has been updated to include food from the 10 new Kanmusu.
      • "Summer Exercises" will be updated to their corresponding "Autumn Exercises".
  12. Stat Buffs
    • The Following buffs have been provided:
      • Iowa Kai: max Firepower, max LOS
      • Ise K2: higher helicopter/autogyro bonus
      • Hyuuga K2: max slot size, higher helicopter/autogyro bonus
  13. Fall CG and Voice Lines
  14. Fly, Got Sheep Mini Game Update
    • The hidden mini game has been updated with the following content:
      • First stage is now a bit easier!
      • Small improvements here and there!
      • Added "Extra Sequence II" for skilled sheep launchers