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Game Updates/2019/January 22nd

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January 22nd, 2019 Setsubun 2019 Update

  1. Winter 2019 event has ended
  2. Setsubun Mini Event has begun
    • Collect Setsubun Beans and exchange them for rewards.
    • Setsubun Beans will expire after the mini-event ends.
    • They are obtainable from Quests.
    • Demons begone! Good fortune come in!
  3. Shipgirl changes
    • Nisshin has had her aircraft slots fixed, she can now carry up to 28 planes.
    • Nisshin's slots equipped with a Flying Boat will have their capacity reduced to 1.
    • Maikaze Kai and Yamakaze Kai have had their ASW increased.
    • Aquila Kai has had her Armour, Firepower, Max Luck increased.
    • Warspite Kai has had her Max Luck increased.
    • Nisshin A has had her Max Luck increased.
  4. Quest changes
    • New Year's questline has been disabled and will no longer be available.
  5. CG updates
    • "Sunday's Best" mode CGs as well as Shiratsuyu's "Casual Clothes" mode were disabled and will no longer be visible outside the library.
    • Northern Princess (Hoppo) has received a Setsubun CG.
    • Amagiri, Sagiri, Agano, Etorofu and Minegumo have received new Setsubun CGs.
  6. Voice lines updates
    • New Year's voice lines were disabled.
    • Setsubun voice lines for the entire Agano-class, Kirishima, Nelson, Gotland, Ise and Hiyou among others.
  7. Furniture changes
    • Furniture with seasonal modes have had their New Year's mode disabled
    • Five new Setsubun-themed furniture pieces.
    • Old Setsubun-themed furniture pieces were added to the shop.
    • Song order in the Jukebox has been updated.
  8. Quest updates
    • Four new quests
      • 【節分任務】節分演習!
      • 【節分任務】鎮守府海域 南西方面防衛作戦
      • 【節分任務】北方海域 威力偵察作戦
      • 【節分拡張任務】南方海域 艦隊決戦
  9. Akashi's Arsenal updates
    • Quintuple 533mm Torpedo Launcher Mount is now upgradable.
  10. Equipment changes
    • 130mm B-13 Twin Gun Turret Mount, 533mm Triple Torpedo Launcher Mount, Type 3 Active Aonar, Type 13 Air Radar Kai have received fit bonuses on certain Shipgirls
  11. Map changes
    • Late nodes of maps numbered 2-4, 7-2, 5-3, 5-5, 6-4 has had their experience gains increased.
    • Enemy compositions in 7-2 has been slightly upgraded.
    • Enemy Compositions in 5-3 and 5-5 containing the Southern War Princess have been slightly weakened to compensate her buff.
  12. Android changes
    • Fixed bugs related to Akashi's Arsenal