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Game Updates/2019/January 1st

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December 26th, 2018 January 1st, 2019 January 22nd, 2019

January 1st, 2019 New Year 2019 Update

  1. Shipgirl changes
    • Gotland, Jervis and Nelson have received updated New Year's Eve voicelines.
    • Kaga and Arashio have received brand new Haregi mode CGs.
    • USS Johnston, the first Fletcher-class destroyer of KanColle, has received a unique Anti-Aircraft Cut-In setup. Its effectiveness depends on the equipment, but it can proc with just a radar and a gun turret.
    • Murasame Home Port voicelines have received a small update.
    • Akigumo and Kazagumo have received their yearly Comiket CGs.
  2. Furniture changes
    • Mutsuku series furniture, Shimekazari as well as New year's pine decorations have been added to the furniture shop.
    • Admirals will also receive a special New Year's edition custom-built furniture upon login.
  3. Mechanical changes
    • A small Friend Fleet will be implemented in the event maps at 00:30 JST.
  4. Quest changes
    • Four new seasonal quests were added to celebrate the New Year's Eve.