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Game Updates/2016/March 11

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February 29, 2016 March 11, 2016 March 19, 2016

11 March 2016 Update: White Day update

  1. White Day voices implemented
    • Including lines reused from last year, there are about 110 White Day voice lines.
  2. End of Peach Festival voiced lines
    • The Peach Festival voiced lines implemented last update are removed. The Coming of Spring voiced lines implemented in the same update can still be heard, though.
  3. 25mm Single Autocannon Mount Can be Developed
    • Note that the equipment can be upgraded, but this will convert it into 25mm Twin Autocannon Mount.
    • This equipment can be improved with a very low cost.
  4. New Upgrades Available in Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  5. New Seaplane Fighter Available
  6. New Map Available
  7. Regarding New Enemy Battery Imp
    • Type 3 Shell is not effective against Battery Imp despite it being a land target. Multiple equipments will be effective against it, however.
  8. 2 New Quests
    • A67 [Organize the "27th Destroyer Division"!]
    • B61 [Deploy the "27th Destroyer Division"!]
    Clearing both will reward you with a new piece of spring furniture!
  9. Beef Bowl CG Mode for Akashi Kai, Ooyodo Kai, Shigure Kai Ni, and Ryuujou Kai Ni
  10. Updates to Naval Base Counter Bar
    • The Combat Ration version have been updated slightly.
  11. New BGM Available
    • "Kanmusu And Admiral's Dining Table" implemented, with a kind dining mood feeling.
  12. New Furnishings Available
  13. Cookies for Kanmusu on Sale
  14. New Voiced Lines for the Mission Girl
    • Depending on your progress, she will now speak different lines.
  15. Closure of Registration for Android Advance Release
    • Those who are chosen will be notified after the next maintenance.