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Game Updates/2016/February 29

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February 24, 2016 February 29, 2016 March 11, 2016

Feburary 29th, 2016 End of Winter Event /Kanmusus Peach Festival Update

  1. The End of the Winter Event "Sortie, Operation Rei-Go!"
    • The Winter 2016 Event "Sortie! Operation Rei-Go"has now concluded. Thanks go out to Admirals who participated in the operation.
  2. Satsuki Kai Ni
    • Satsuki will receive her second remodel.
      • Blueprints are not required.
      • Some voice lines, such as her naval base voices, have been updated.
      • Satsuki will need to be a high level (75) to receive her second remodel.
  3. Kanmusu Peach Festival line
  4. Married Secratery Lines for Yamato Kai, Yuugumo Kai, Makigumo Kai, Naganami Kai, and Akigumo Kai
  5. Coming of Spring line
    • A total of 10 Kanmusu, including Shoukaku, will be getting new lines for the coming of Spring.
  6. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal update
  7. Seaplane Fighter Category
    • Seaplane fighters are now separated into their own category.
  8. Seaplane Fighter Usage
  9. Ro.43 Recon Seaplane Can Be Developed
    • Under certain conditions, Ro.43 Recon Seaplanes can be developed at the factory.
  10. End of Valentine Seasonal CG and Voices
  11. Changed Furniture Shop Listing
  12. Peach Festival! "Hishi-Mochi" Given as Present.
    • No "Hishi-Mochi" gathering this year! Instead, all admirals who log in before the next maintenance will be given one "Hishi-Mochi".
  13. Naval Base Counter Bar Upgraded
    • Updated attributes for Zara, Okinami and Hatsuzuki. A certain food is also added for a limited time for each of them!
  14. Mission Girl / Item Shop Girl Time-Limited CG
    • The NPCs that carry out those roles will attempt to sortie with their Seasonal CGs.
  15. Verniy Able to Equip Daihatsu and Armor Bulge
  16. 2 New Quests
    • A66 [Organize the "31st Squadron (1st gen.)"!]
    • B60 [Deploy the "31st Squadron (1st gen.)"!]
  17. Pre-Registration for Utilizing Fleet via Android OS
    • Until the next maintenance, the planned spot for "allied fleets" will temporarily be replaced by a button for pre-registration in order to utilize the fleet via Android. Admirals who wish to utilize their fleet in advance on Android OS, please set the slider to "Register". We will choose about 100,000 Admirals (as much as we could allow those who wish to do so) among those who have set the slider to "Register" and invite them to utilize their fleet in advance of others.
  18. Mizuho can found in the Southern Water (World 5)
    • Mizuho can now be encountered in the Southern Ocean Waters somewhere...