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Game Updates/2015/March 27th

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March 18th, 2015 March 27th, 2015 April 10th, 2015

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Newfurn032015.jpg Furn-onsen.jpg
  1. Remodel
    • Choukai Kai Ni
      • Level 65
      • 1300 Ammunition 650 Steel
      • New voices
      • Requires blueprint
  2. New Quests
    • Composition quest
      • A50「三川艦隊」を新編、突入準備せよ![Newly Compose the "Mikawa Fleet" and Prepare for Assault!]
    • Sortie quest
      • B41 新編「三川艦隊」ソロモン方面へ! [Newly-Formed "Mikawa Fleet" to the Solomon Region!]
      • B42「第六駆逐隊」対潜哨戒なのです! ["6th Destroyer Division" Anti-Submarine Patrol!]
      • B43 抜錨!「第十八戦隊」 [Weigh Anchor! "18th Squadron"]
    • 2 others
  3. Furniture
    • New furniture
      • Requested furniture
        • 富嶽タイル画 "Fugaku tile painting"
        • 脱衣所 "Dressing room"
        • 青畳 "Green tatami"
        • 温泉岩風呂 "Hot spring bath"
      • Other new furniture
        • 春色の床 "Spring-coloured floor"
        • 桜の床 "Sakura flooring"
    • Returning furniture
      • Requested furniture
        • 診察台セット "Examination table set"
        • 提督の麻雀卓(炬燵布団なしver) "The admiral's mah-jong table (version without kotatsu futon)"
      • Other returning furniture
        • 春色の壁紙 "Spring-coloured wallpaper"
        • 梅紫の壁紙 "Plum-purple wallpaper"
        • バー仕様の壁 "Bar style wall"
        • 真っ赤な高級絨毯 "Red luxury carpet"
  4. Voices and Other
    • Remodelled Choukai will get new lines, for resupply and equipment.
    • New lines for Tenryuu and Tatsuta
      • Resupply
      • Equipment
      • Marriage
    • White Day-themed voices removed
    • Musashi's LSC craft rate has returned to normal
    • Correction of the instability when displaying images in the shipgirl and equipment albums
    • New lines for several versions of Akashi