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Game Updates/2014/December 1st

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November 20th, 2014 December 1st, 2014 December 12th, 2014

Furutaka Kai Ni
Furutaka Kai Ni damage art
  1. New Remodel
  2. Jukebox Update
    • New song 「連合艦隊の出撃」(the song from autumn event) can be requested and set as base BGM.
    • The song 「冬の抜錨」 can no longer be requested. However, some of the new furniture will play this BGM.
    • The request cost for 「明石の工廠」「秋月の空」 has been changed to 1000 coins.
  3. Furniture
    • New release
      • 「白い冬の壁紙」 White Winter Wallpaper (1200 coins)
      • 「冬のモダンアート壁紙」 Winter's Modern Art Wallpaper (Different color) (750 coins)
      • 「白いカーテンの小窓」White small curtain window (330 coins)
      • 「白と青のツリー」 White and blue tree (With BGM) (5000 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「冬の飾り付け」 Winter's Decoration (With BGM [Same as W&B Tree]) (1200 coins)
      • 「雪原の床」 Snow field's bed (Special Furniture) (3300 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「ジュークボックス改」 Jukebox Kai (Special furniture) (8000 coins + Furniture Fairy) (It does the same thing, but its on the right)
    • Back on sale
      • 「高級和風壁紙」High-grade Japanese style wallpaper - (700 coins)
      • 「和のシンプル壁紙」Japanese style simple wall paper - (300 coins)
      • 「青カーテン&窓」Window with blue curtain - (100 coins)
      • 「晩秋の高級和窓」Late autumn high-grade Japanese style window - (1980 coins)
      • 「艦娘による冬の窓」Winter window decorated by kanmusus - (1300 coins)
      • 「障子デラックス」 Deluxe shoji - (300 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「鎮守府のツリー」 Christmas tree in Chinju-hu (Free)
      • 「駆逐艦娘のツリー」 DD kanmusus' Christmas tree - (3000 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「七面鳥のご馳走」 Dinner of turkey - (3000 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「早く出しすぎた炬燵」 Prematurely evacuated Kotatsu (The pot is there now!) - (3500 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「やかんストーブ」 Stove with kettle - (2000 coins + Furniture Fairy)
      • 「Z旗の暖炉」 Fireplace with Z flag - (22000 coins)
  4. New Quest
    • B34 [Deploy the "6th Squadron" to the Southwest Sea Region!]「第六戦隊」南西海域へ出撃せよ!(The Sixth Cruiser Division sorties to (World 2))
    • Bm5 [Month of Enhanced Maritime Escort] 海上護衛強化月間
    • Bm6 [Mobile Carrier Fleet, to the West!]「空母機動部隊」西へ
    • There are prerequisite quests that needed to be completed in order to receive those quests.
  5. About Akashi
    • Akashi is no longer in 1-5 and 2-5's drop list.
    • However, if you do NOT have any Akashi, then you can still get her from 2-5's drop.
  6. Voice and other Updates