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Game Updates/2014/December 12th

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December 1st, 2014 December 12th, 2014 December 26th, 2014

  1. Jukebox Update
    • New song 「冬の艦隊」(Winter's Fleet) can now be requested and set as base BGM for 1000 furniture coins. It is now a Battle BGM in some World 3 maps as well.
  2. New Item
    • Time limited item: Present Box
    • During Christmas, if you defeat Northern Princess, she will drop Present Boxes at a low rate.
    • Inside the box, you can choose from
      • [Resource] (Fuel✕ 550 and Ammunition ✕ 550)
      • [Sweets] (Irako ✕ 1)
      • [Material] (Item Icon Development Material.png ✕ 3 and Item Icon Improvement Material.png ✕ 1)
    • The enemies that drop Present Boxes will increase as you go further in the map.
    • S rank victory will have a higher chance of dropping the present box.
    • The dropping rate for each enemy fleet is different.
  3.  New CGs
    • Naka has returned to her Christmas-Limited CG from last year and Naka Kai Ni has acquired a new Christmas-Limited CG.
    • Ryuujou has a Christmas-Limited CG and Ryuujou Kai Ni also has a different Christmas-Limited CG with her new costume and rigging.
    • Shigure Kai Ni has a Christmas-Limited CG!
    • Sazanami has a Christmas-Limited CG!
    • Northern Princess has a Christmas-Limited CG!
    • Mamiya and Irako have Christmas-Limited CGs! You can check them upon usage, at the confirm screen.
  4. Voice and other Updates
    • Fubuki Kai, Shirayuki Kai , Hatsuyuki Kai and Miyuki Kai have new resupply, idle, battle, secretary and Marriage-exclusive secretary voices.
    • Around 29 Shipgirls have new Christmas-Limited voices! Also included were last year's Naka, Nagato and Kiso's Christmas-Limited voices.
      • Full list: Hyuuga, Hiryuu, Murakumo, Hamakaze, Prinz Eugen, Naka, Nagato, Kiso, Fubuki, Sazanami, Hatsuyuki, Miyuki, Isonami, Akizuki, Nowaki, Asagumo, Ooyodo, Zuihou, Souryuu Bismarck, Nenohi, Furutaka, Hatsuharu, Akebono, Ushio, Oboro, Hiyou, Mamiya, and Irako.
    • 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Main) can now be modified in Akashi's Improvement Arsenal (Akashi as flagship with Mogami or Ooyodo as side ship).
    • The animations when your support fleet is attacking with torpedo bombers or dive bombers are now fixed and updated.
    • Damaged display flaws of some shipgirls on the gallery are now fixed and updated.