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Fall 2020 Event/Info

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The Fall 2020 Event known as Escort! Fleet Transport Operation is scheduled to launch on November 27th, 2020. The event has been split into 2 parts, a Main Operation and Extra Operation. The event is planned to be Medium Scale with a total of 4 Maps.

The Main Operation will be taking place within Europe and will consist of 3 maps in total.

The Extra Operation location remains unknown but is planned to be released early in December and will consist of 1 Map.

For additional information regarding event-related subjects and content, please refer to the following links:

Historical Background

Disclaimer: The following information is based upon a summary of World War II history and may not have any bearing on in-game mechanics. This is for historical reference only.

European Related Historcial Campaigns

Second Battle of Sirte - Link

Also known as Operation MG1, this engagement took place within the Mediterranean Sea as the British attempted to escort merchant ships to Malta and got caught in a battle against the Regia Marina which they were successful at warding off the Italian Forces, but lost a large amount of supplies from the merchant ships due to the fight lasting long enough for air strikes to come at dawn taking out most of the British's transport supplies.

Historical ships related to the campaign:
British Royal Navy: Jervis
Regia Marina: Littorio , Grecale, Scirocco

Battle of the Barents Sea - Link

A naval engagement that took place in December 31st, 1942 between the British royal navy who were escorting a convoy to Russia and fought against the German Kriegsmarine near North Cape, Norway. The Germans failed to deal significant damage to the British forces resulting in a victory and ultimately made the germans concentrate more on U-boat fleets over surface ships.

Historical ships related to the campaign:
British Royal Navy: Sheffield

Convoy PQ 17 - Link

Convoy PQ 17 was a Supply Convoy taking place in July 1942 with the goal of reaching the Soviet Port of Murmansk. Upon receiving intel that the Kriegsmarine was to deploy heavy surface elements including the Bismarck-Class Battleship Tirpitz to intercept the convoy, the escorting ships abandoned it to get ready to fight off the german threat and the order to disband the convoy was given. The German fleet however abandoned the surface operation before any fighting and the now disbanded convoy without escorts fell prey to air and U-Boot attacks. In the end, 22 (out of 33) Merchant Ships and two Auxiliaries were lost.

Historical ships related to the campaign:
United States Navy: Washington


Quick Info Table

Classification Map Name Fleet Type LBAS Friendly Fleet Fleet Tag Notes
Main Operation
E-1 Commence! Operation MG1 Single Fleet Yes TBD File:Fall2020EventOrangeTag.png
Mediterranean Fleet
E-2 Battle of the Barents Seas Single / Combined Fleet No TBD File:Fall2020EventBlueTag.png
Escort R Unit
CV/CVB/CVL/Template:ShipLinkKai cannot sortie on map without Arctic Gear & Deck Personnel
E-3 Escort the Convoy PQ17 Combined Fleet Yes TBD File:Fall2020EventYellowTag.png
Convoy PQ 17
Extra Operation
E-4 ??? Yes ??? TBD ???

New Mechanics

New Ships

The exact number of ships to appear in this event will be 4 ships, 2 rewards and 2 drops.

They will range from being destroyers all the way to battleships

  • E-1 Drop - Maestrale-class Destroyer Scirocco
  • E-2 Drop - Town-class Light Cruiser Sheffield
  • E-3 Reward - North Carolina-class Battleship Washington

Returning Ships

  • Please refer to drop databases for the most updated lists of event drops, such as TsunDB or Poi-Statistics (or via Discord).
  • Nelson is confirmed to be a returning drop
  • Confirmed E-1 Drops:

New Equipment

New Enemy Vessels

New Enemy Equipment

Friend Fleet

Fleet Formations

Friend Fleets will now come with a new function which will allow players to choose if they wish to bring in a Friend Fleet to aid them in battle or not. They can also choose to also decide if they want a normal Friend Fleet come aid them in battle or if they wish to use a powerful Friend Fleet that will require the cost of 6 Instant Constructions Instant construction-0.jpg to allow you call in a more powerful Friend Fleet to aid you into battle.

If you choose to opt in for the powerful Friend fleet, the Instant Constructions Instant construction-0.jpg will not be consumed unless a powerful Friend Fleet appears.

Voice Lines

Friend Fleet Voice Lines

Ship Japanese/English Notes
Friend Fleet 1


Participation requirements

  • Must have a 75% sortie win ratio.
  • Must have 5 empty ship slots for new ships.
  • Must have 20 free equipment slots.

Special Mechanics

  1. The difficulty system first used in Spring 2015 Event returns: you can choose between Operation A (, Hard), Operation B (, Medium), Operation C (, Easy) or Operation D (, Very Easy) .
    • Choosing A or B requires certain HQ Level (HQ Lv 35 for B / 80 for A in Spring 2015 Event).
    • An important note to all Admirals intending to clear the event on Hard difficulty - further (new) conditions now apply:
      • When switching difficulty from any other difficulty to Hard, the map's debuff mechanism (where applicable) will be reset.
        • Switching between any other difficulties will not reset the debuff mechanism.
  2. To simulate simultaneity of battles in different locations, Tag Conditions & Deployment Restrictions are employed.
    • Ships not already color-tagged will be tagged with the color associated with the map when deployed. This tag exists on all difficulties and is not reset on remodel, etc.
    • On Normal or Hard difficulty, ships must have either the same-colored tag as the map being deployed to, or no tag at all.
      • This requirement is sometimes waived on certain maps on Hard, or post-clear.
  3. Beginning with the second map, difficulty progression rules apply.
    • In order to play a map on Hard difficulty, the prior map must have been completed on either Normal or Hard.
    • e.g., to do E-2 on hard, you must have completed E-1 on normal or hard.
  4. The debuff system from Summer 2015 Event's final map, where certain nodes had to be attacked and other conditions fulfilled to reduce boss armor, will return.
  5. Returning this event, the Vanguard Formation can be used .
    • This formation will organize the fleet such that the 3rd-6th/7th ships protect the Flagship and 2nd Ship of the Fleet.
      • In addition, the formation allows for ships to become more evasive in combat situations, especially with well-trained Destroyer.
      • This formation is also available only during the duration of the event.
      • The formation will be usable by both normal fleets as well as the Striking Force Fleet.
  6. NPC Friend Fleets have been introduced into the game.
    • Friend Fleets act as another unit that appears in particular battles to help aid your fleet when attacking the enemy at the start of night battle.
      • NPC Friend Fleets are selected from a randomized preset list of ship.
      • Depending on who you have in your fleet can also influence who will be arrive to aid you in battle.
  7. Enemy Radar Ambush Nodes have been introduced into the game.
    • Entering this node will result in your fleet facing off against an enemy fleet that will ambush and attack your fleet
      • Your Fleet will not be able to fight against the enemy Fleet.
      • By meeting certain conditions, you can evade these nodes.
  8. Emergency Anchorage Maintenance/Repairs 【緊急泊地修理】
  9. High-Altitude Abyssal Bombers that are resistant to all types of interceptors other than the new land-based jet interceptors may also return this event.