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This article is meant to provide a rough guide for prioritising luck, HP and ASW modernisation to optimise your fleet. The required fodder for these modernisation options are quite rare and careful consideration needs to be taken when deciding who to modernise. Luck is the most important, followed by HP then ASW. For the details on how modernisation works, please refer to the main article.


The main purpose of luck modernisation is to increase torpedo cut-in chances of key girls.


  • The most efficient way to modernise luck is to use sets of Maruyu Kai. She can be obtained relatively easily through doing minimum LSC.
  • Using single DE to modernise luck is a bit more random but still viable. Note that modernisation can fail if the ship has maxed ASW or no ASW stat.

The priorities presented in the table below are only reflective of the priorities within a certain ship type. Typically you would want to focus on the top two entries of each type first before moving on to the rest. Luckmodding battleships is mainly for increasing the special attack trigger rate and can be left till later. You would want to focus on destroyers, light cruisers then heavy cruisers.

Priority Table
Type Key Girls
  1. Yuudachi
  2. Naganami
  3. Ayanami
  4. Ooshio · Michishio · Arashio · Kagerou · Shiranui · Kuroshio · Shimakaze
  5. Kasumi · Arare · Yuugumo · Makigumo · Kazagumo · Asashimo
Light Cruisers
  1. Abukuma
  2. Yuubari
  3. Duca degli Abruzzi · Giuseppe Garibaldi
  4. Kiso
Heavy Cruisers
  1. Myoukou
  2. Prinz Eugen
  3. Maya
  4. Choukai
  1. Nelson
  2. Nagato · Mutsu


The main purpose of HP modernisation is to allow girls to hit overkill protection thresholds. Girls which have low HP and armour such as destroyers will benefit the most from this. Girls with better survivability will still benefit somewhat from the extra HP buffer.


  • Use base DE pairs. Although Kai DEs have a chance of giving double the HP, the effort to get them to Kai is not worth the tiny chance.


ASW modernisation is for helping your girls hit OASW thresholds. This is the least important modernisation type because of the abundance of OASW capable girls. Furthermore, you can simply marry a girl and level her to further increase ASW. If you are modernising ASW, prioritise girls which are close to achieving 1-slot OASW pre-marriage. Refer to the table in the OASW page for details.


  • Use single base DEs. The benefits of using Kai DEs are small compared to the effort it takes to level them.

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