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Game Updates/2020/November 27th

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November 13th, 2020 November 27th, 2020 December 10th, 2020

November 27th, 2020 Fall 2020 Event (Main Operation) Update

  1. Escort! Convoy Transport Operation (Europe) Main Operation Commences
  2. (Main Operation) E-1: Commence! Operation MG1
    • Mission Area: Mediterranean Sea off Malta
    • In this map, many European ship girls can be obtained, but primarily girls from the land of pasta!
    • Among the many European ship girls in E-1, the new Maestrale-class destroyer, Scirocco, can be obtained.
  3. (Main Operation) E-2: Battle of the Barents Sea
  4. (Main Operation) E-3: Escort the Convoy PQ 17!
  5. Emergency Repair Goddess Rewards Update
    • Emergency Repair Goddesses obtained as a reward will be stored in the purchased items menu from now on, in order to stop them from filling up equipment slots.