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Game Updates/2020/December 10th

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November 27th, 2020 December 10th, 2020 December 31st, 2020

December 10, 2020 Fall 2020 Event (Extra Operation) Update

  1. (Extra Operation) E-4: Escort! Convoy Transport Operation (Harukaze Convoy / Operation Ta) has been released
    • Mission Area: Off the coast of Luzon / Ormoc
    • Take precautions against submarines! Harukaze Convoy. Receive aerial cover from the land-based air forces!
    • Operation Ta was an extremely harsh and disastrous battle that ultimately caused the demise of the Harukaze Convoy and several destroyers. But this time around our land-based air forces are still going strong and being deployed to the Philippines! Have them provide sufficient air cover for your fleet!
    • The new Matsu class destroyer, Take, is a reward for clearing the map.
    • Previously introduced ship girls can drop in this map, but their availability depends on the chosen difficulty level.
    • DEs can also drop from this map.
  2. Furniture Store Update
    • New Christmas themed furniture are now available.
      • Snowman Mat (雪だるまマット)
      • Falling Star City Wallpaper (星の降る街の壁紙)
      • Reindeer-themed Xmas Window (トナカイ仕様のXmas窓)
      • Ship Girls' Xmas Cookie Bakery (艦娘のXmasクッキー作り)
  3. New Quest
    • B162 [From the Northern Seas with Love] - 北の海から愛をこめて
      • This quest rewards the "Special Naval Base Stove - 2020 Edition" furniture item.
  4. Christmas CGs return