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Floating Fortress

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Floating Fortress

No.536, 537, 538 浮遊要塞

Abyssal Class Floating Fortress

Icon HP.png HP 88 Icon Gun.png Firepower 50
Icon Armor.png Armor 40 Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 40
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 5 Icon AA.png AA 20
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 90 Icon ASW.png ASW 0
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 10
Icon Range.png Range Medium Icon Luck.png Luck 1
Equipment Icon Aircraft.pngSpace
8inch Triple Cannon 0
Abyssal Fighter Mk.II 45
Abyssal Torpedo Bomber Mk.II 45
-Locked- -


Not to be confused with Escort Fortress.