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Range Range determines which ships attack first. It is impossible to reduce the base range of a ship, but certain equipment can extend it.

Range Range Equipment Notes
Short All Small Caliber Main GunHigh-Angle GunSmall Caliber Main Guns, all High-Angle Gunhigh-angle secondary guns, all Torpedoes Torpedoes, and Anti-Ground ArtilleryWG42WG42 (Wurfgerät 42) Cannot increase the range of any ship.
Medium High-Angle Gun5" Single Gun Mk.30 + GFCS5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37
RADARSK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar
RADAR SG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) / (Late Model)SG Radar (Late Model) Addtional +1 Range on USN DDs, Dan Yang, and Yukikaze Kai Ni.
LookoutTorpedo Squadron Skilled LookoutsTorpedo Squadron Skilled Lookouts Equipable in the RE
All Secondary Gun Secondary Guns (Yellow)
All Medium Caliber Main GunHigh-Angle Gun Medium Caliber Main Guns (but Long range ones)
Large Caliber Main Gun 38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai / Deux38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai Deux Cannot increase the range of any ship.
Aviation PersonnelNOAPNight Operation Aviation Personnel
Long Medium Caliber Main Gun 203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount
All Large Caliber Main Gun Large Caliber Main Guns (but Medium and Very Long range ones)
Aviation PersonnelSCAMPSkilled Carrier-based Aircraft Maintenance Personnel, NOAP + Skilled DeckhandsNight Operation Aviation Personnel + Skilled Deckhands
Dive Bomber Suisei Model 22 (634 Air Group)Suisei Model 22 (634 Air Group) / SkilledSuisei Model 22 (634 Air Group/Skilled), Ju 87C Kai Ni (w/ KMX/Skilled)Ju 87C Kai Ni (w/ KMX/Skilled)
JetFighterBomber2.pngKikka KaiKikka Kai, JetFighterBomber1.pngJet Keiun KaiJet Keiun Kai
Very Long Large Caliber Main Gun381mm/50 Triple Gun Mount381mm/50 Triple Gun Mount / Kai381mm/50 Triple Gun Mount Kai, PrototypePrototype 46cm Twin Gun Mount / 46cm Triple Gun Mount46cm Triple Gun Mount / Kai46cm Triple Gun Mount Kai
All Large Caliber Main GunVery Large Caliber Main GunsPrototype 51cm Twin Gun Mount
51cm Twin Gun Mount
Prototype 51cm Triple Gun Mount
Aviation PersonnelSDP + Aviation Maintenance HandsSkilled Deck Personnel + Aviation Maintenance Hands Equipable in the RE of CV(L/B)
+1 Reconnaissance AircraftType 2 Reconnaissance AircraftType 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft +1 Range on Souryuu Kai Ni, Hiryuu Kai Ni, and Ise-class Kai Ni

Some ships have a different range than the rest of their type (often following a remodel):

Base range Type Exeptions
None N/A[1] N/A
Medium CL, CLT, CT, CA, CAV, AS
Very Long N/A
Longest N/A N/A
  1. Transport Ships and some Abyssal CV(L) are the only Vessels having "None range".