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Game Updates/2022/June 17th

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June 8th, 2022 June 17th, 2022 June 30th, 2022

Extra Operation Spring 2022 Event

  • Extra Operation Event Release -Bloody Battle! The Battle off Bono-Misaki
    • E-4 : Bungo Channel/Off Sasebo/Off Bono Cape [Beyond the Bungo Channel] - 豊後水道/佐世保沖/坊ノ岬沖【豊後水道を抜けて】
    • E-5 : Decisive Battle! The Unheard Battle of Bono Cape - 坊ノ岬沖/台湾沖/南西諸島海域 【血戦!異聞坊ノ岬沖海戦】