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Game Updates/2022/June 8th

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May 27th, 2022 June 8th, 2022 June 17th, 2022

Yamato Kai Ni Update

  • Range There is a new Special Attack (touch) performed by Yamato Kai Ni/Juu and Musashi Kai Ni.
    • "Musashi, kept you waiting, huh? Follow me!"
    • Can be activated in [Echelon] (single fleet), and [Formation 4] (combined fleet).
    • Can be performed with Musashi Kai Ni as flagship.
  • Range There is also new Special Attack (touch) performed by Yamato Kai Ni/Juu (as flagship) and some battleships (as second ship).
    • Can be activated in EchelonEchelon.png (single fleet), and Cruising Formation 2Formation 2.png (combined fleet).
    • Some battleships that can't be used in 2-ship touch, can participate in 3-ship touch.
  • Example: Yamato Kai Ni + Fusou Kai Ni + Yamashiro Kai Ni.
    • Specifications may be updated in the future.
    • USS Maryland (EO release ship) will be added to the touch upon implementation.

  • Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates
    • Quest sortie.png B181 Quest once.png Kai Yamato-class Battleship [Yamato Kai Ni], sortie! - 改大和型戦艦「大和改二」、出撃せよ!
    • Quest sortie.png B182 Quest once.png Kill on sight! The most elite Yamato-class "1st Squadron", weigh anchor! - 見敵必殺!最精鋭大和型「第一戦隊」抜錨!
    • Quest sortie.png B183 Quest once.png [Extra Operation] Heavy Remodelled [Yamato Kai Ni Juu], sortie! - 【拡張作戦】重改装「大和改二重」、出撃!
    • Quest pvp.png C66 Quest Yearly 6.png [Yamato-class Battleship] 1st Squadron exercises, begin! -「大和型戦艦」第一戦隊演習、始め!
    • Quest factory.png F109 Quest once.png New equipment development plan II -【工廠任務】新装備開発計画II

  • ✿ Seasonal update: Rainy Season
    • New CGs: Ushio
    • New voice lines: USS Scamp, Victorious, Tamanami, Akishimo, Ume, Jingei, Chougei, Shounan, etc.

  • Furniture Coin Furniture update
  • Furniture shop changed to Rainy Season mode. Some furniture pieces get updated CGs according to the season.
    • Display shelf to enjoy the rainy season 梅雨を愉しむ飾り棚

  • ♫ BGM update ♫
    • ♪ Map 1-1 and Jukebox changed to [Rainy season] mode
    • ♪ Rain sound at naval base 雨音の鎮守府
    • ♪ Rain, sake and ship daughter 雨とお酒と艦娘
  • Extra BGM from the latest OST vol.7:
    • ♪ Murasame's and Minegumo's sortie 村雨と峯雲の出撃