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Game Updates/2019/Feburary 8th

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January 22nd, 2019 Feburary 8th, 2019 Feburary 27th, 2019

Feburary 8th, 2019 Kazagumo Kai Ni / Valentine's 2019 Update

  1. Valentine's Day CG
  2. Lawson Promotional CG
    • Hayanami is now eating cookies as part of her Lawson Promotional campaign
    • Mizuho is serving up Rice ball to promote her upcoming riceballs that will go on sale on the 12th.
  3. Valentine's Mode Voice lines
  4. Mitsukoshi Collaboration Voice lines
    • Shinyou has been given a voiceline hinting at her involvement in the upcoming collaboration
  5. Updated Voice lines
  6. Setsubun Content Removal
    • All Setsubun-related content has been removed, all images have been preserved in the Kanmusu Encyclopaedia.
      • Setsubun beans from the previous mini-event will remain exchangeable until the next maintenance.
  7. Kazagumo Kai 2
    • Yuugumo-class Destroyer Kazagumo has been give a Kai Ni remodel
    • Level 75 Remodel + Blueprint + Action Report are required
      • Kazagumo now has her Winter outfit and will receive a Summer outfit closer to the Summer Season
  8. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal update
  9. Type 2 Carrier-Based Reconnaissance Aircraft Buff
  10. Furniture Update
    • Februrary / Valentine's Day Furniture has been added which includes the following new furniture:
      • Chocolate Fondue
      • Valentine's Candle
      • "Hiei" Wall Scroll (Obtained via quest)
  11. New Quests
    • The Following new quests have been released with this update:
      • Limited Valentine Mission "Operation 1" (Limited Time Quest)
      • Limited Valentine Mission "Operation 2" (Limited Time Quest)
      • B128 [Hiei's Sortie] -「比叡」の出撃
  12. Naval Base Jukebox update + BGM Update
    • The naval base's jukebox has been updated with songs that are appropriate for Valentine's Day. Furthermore, it is now possible to select "Our Bond With The Admiral" as home port BGM
    • Some maps BGM have changed as well
  13. Kongou-class Stat Buffs
    • The following stats have been given to the members of the Kongou-class
  14. UI Changes
    • Supply Screen now has a button for resupplying aircraft / bauxite
    • A button has also been added to allow you to resupply your entire fleet (effectively serves the same function as the button on the top left)