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Game Updates/2018/December 7th

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November 16th, 2018 December 7th, 2018 December 21st, 2018

December 7th, 2018 Christmas Update

  1. CG updates
    • The Saury Festival has ended and so the Saury Festival CGs have been disabled.
    • Christmas CGs have been implemented.
    • New Christmas CGs for Hamanami, Kishinami, Matsuwa, Gotland and Zuikaku, as well as slight hair colour changes to Shoukaku's Christmas CG.
    • Akigumo's Comiket CG has been updated.
  2. Voice Lines updates
    • The Saury Festival has ended and so the Saury Festival voice lines have been disabled.
    • Christmas voice lines have been implemented.
    • Kitakami, Ooi, Nelson, Gotland, Samuel B. Roberts, Fukae, Kishinami, Hamanami and few others have received new limited-time Christmas voice lines.
  3. Map changes
    • Sado and Matsuwa have become limited-time drops in 7-2.
  4. Furniture changes
    • New and returning Christmas-themed furniture can now be acquired at the in-game furniture shop.
  5. New quests
    • F80 [Expansion of Land Base Air Squadron] - 戦闘機隊戦力の拡充
    • F81 [Expansion of Aircraft Carrier Forces] - 基地航空隊戦力の拡充
    • Bq9 [Utilize the supply line logistics of your Carrier Force!] - 空母戦力の投入による兵站線戦闘哨戒
    • B127 [Winter Northern Waters Operation] - 冬季北方海域作戦
    • [Large Scale Winter Exercise] (replacing the Autumn version of the quest) - 冬季大演習(※秋季大演習から更新です)
  6. Shipgirl changes
    • Akagi, Kaga and Souryuu have received Firepower and maximum Luck buffs.
    • Hiryuu has received Firepower, Evasion and max Luck buffs.
    • Tone Kai Ni and Chikuma Kai Ni have received AA and max Luck buffs.
    • Nagato's special attack "Full broadside... Sounds exciting!" has received a synergy bonus with Type 91 Armour-piercing Shells.
  7. Akashi Arsenal changes
    • Type 3 Hien LBAS fighter can now be improved and upgraded to Type 3 Hien Model 1D.
    • Spitfire Mk.I LBAS fighter can now be improved and upgraded to Spitfire Mk.V
  8. UI Changes
    • Equips currently in use by a Shipgirl will now be visible in Akashi Arsenal's equipment list. They can also be removed from the Shipgirl from there.
    • When selecting nodes for LBAS, they will now be marked as in-range or out-of-range.
    • When equipping LBAS with aircraft, the filters and paging will not reset upon equipment of a plane.
  9. BGM changes
    • Additional Jukebox pieces are now available:
      • 「聖夜の母港」- Holy Night in the Homeport
      • 「冬の艦隊」 - Winter Fleet
      • 「粉雪の降る夜」 - Snowfall at Night
      • 「師走の鎮守府」- Naval Base in December