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Game Updates/2018/November 16th

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October 26th, 2018 November 16th, 2018 December 7th, 2018

November 16th, 2018 The Makigumo Kai Ni / 7-2 Map Update

  1. New map in World 7, "Seas Off Tawi-Tawi".
    • Sortie to Celebes Sea and liberate the area!
    • Clear the map HP gauge
    • Two phases
    • Resets monthly.
  2. HQ experience changes
    • World 7 had its HQ experience gains lowered
    • Certain maps of Worlds 1 through 5 had their gains increased
    • The entire World 6 had its gains increased
  3. Shipgirl experience buffed
    • 1-2 to 1-5 maps had their Shipgirl experience values increased.
    • 2-1 to 2-5 maps had their Shipgirl experience values increased.
    • X-3 to X-5 maps in Worlds 3 through 6 had their Shipgirl experience values increased.
  4. Shipgirls changes
    • Yuugumo-class destroyer, Makigumo, has received her Kai Ni remodel.
      • Can equip Anti-torpedo Bulges and Landing Crafts.
      • Cannot equip tanks.
      • Currently in Winter mode, will receive Summer mode as well.
      • Requires a Blueprint and an Action Report to remodel.
      • New voice lines.
  5. CG updates
    • Autumn Casual CGs for: Sendai, Shiranui, Souryuu, Tsushima and more.
    • Shiratsuyu, Chitose, Chiyoda changed their getups as well.
    • Certain Saury CGs are going away.
    • Happi, Yukata and Halloween CGs are going away.
    • Akigumo's Comiket mode.
    • Richelieu's Choux Cream mode.
    • Winter CG for Yuugumo Kai Ni.
  6. Voice lines updates
    • New Choukai, Maya, Daitou, Hiburi, Shigure and Richelieu seasonal lines.
    • Makigumo Kai Ni voice lines.
  7. Akashi upgrades
    • 38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai can now be improved.
    • 38cm Quadruple Gun Mount can now be upgraded into 38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai.
    • Kinugasa Kai Ni can now improve 20.3cm #2 Twin Gun Mounts.
    • Choukai and Akigumo can now improve Searchlights.
  8. Mechanical changes
    • Aoba Kai, Kinugasa Kai Ni, Furutaka Kai Ni, Kako Kai Ni received additional fit bonuses with 20.3cm #2 Twin Gun Mounts. Further increased by radars.
    • Jintsuu, Hiei, Kirishima, Choukai, Akatsuki etc. received additional bonuses with all kinds of Searchlights.
    • Nagato Kai Ni Special Attack, "Full Broadside... Sounds exciting!"
      • Requires Echelon to proc.
      • Requires a battleship in the 2nd slot.
      • Subject to change in the future updates (not all is lost, my friend!)
  9. UI changes
    • LBAS menu will now show the operational range of each base.
    • LBAS range extenders will be indicated separately with a + notation.
    • Adjusted map gauges positions slightly.
  10. Quests updates
    • A91 [Elite DesDiv10, Get Ready To Set Sail!]
    • B125 [Reinforce Surveilance and Patrols of the Coastal Sea!]
    • B126 [Main Force of the Main Force, Set Sail!]
    • Bq8[Secure Control of the Sea around the Anchorages!] (Quaterly canon)
  11. Furniture updates
  12. Game stability improvements for Google Chrome.