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Game Updates/2017/January 10

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January 1, 2017 January 10, 2017 January 25, 2017

January 10, 2017 Engine Improvement Update

  1. End of New Years Update
    • All New Year's related CG, voices, furniture and quests will be removed.
    • All New Year's related CG content has been saved into the Library.
  2. Boiler and Turbines Expansion Update
  3. Effects of using Turbines and Boilers
    • In addition to what has been mentioned above, you can also turn Battleships and Aviation Battleships into Fast ships using the turbine + Boiler combination
    • This can also make a slow ship become fast in which can make them a part of a "Fast Fleet"
    • You can also equip a Turbine + Boiler combination to make a fast ship go even faster.
      • This currently only effects evasion, but can also important for influencing possible routing and branching in the future.
  4. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  5. Furniture Update
    • The following Furniture has implemented:
      • Mutsuki's Window
      • Mutsuki's Desk
      • Mutsuki's Floor (New)
      • Mutsuki's Wallpaper (New)
      • Hot Spring Bath
      • Sake & Whiskey Shelf
      • Winter Round Carpet
      • "6 Destroyer Division" Hanging Scroll
      • Aviation Battleship Stained Glass
      • Tatami & Plum Carpet (New)
      • Plum Wallpaper (New)
      • Classroom Set (Desk)
      • Classroom Set (Teacher's Lectern)
  6. New Quests
    • The Following Quests have been implemented:
      • B89 [Battleship Squadron, Weigh Anchor!]
      • F48 [Procurement of Custom-Made Furniture]
      • New Year's related quests have been removed
  7. Yura Voice Update
    • New supply and idle lines added to Yura Kai
  8. Limited winter mode lines
  9. Improve Stats for Kanmusu