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Game Updates/2016/December 9

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November 18, 2016 December 9, 2016 December 22, 2016

December 9th, 2016 End of Event/ Chirstmas Update

  1. End of Fall 2016 Event
  2. Autumn Wine Voices and Late Autumn Voices Removed
    • All voices and CG from the fall have been removed, less Pola
  3. Christmas Mode Voice Lines
    • All Chirstmas Voice lines + 20 new ones have been implemented
  4. Christmas Mode CG
  5. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  6. New Technical Items
    • The Ne-Type Engine and the New Aircraft Plans have been implemented in-game.
    • These items will require you to complete a long series of quests in order obtain them. They can only be obtained through the game and cannot be purchased.
  7. New BGMs
    • New Song - The Jet Engine Comes To Life
    • Christmas 2016 Naval Base BGM
      • See list of furniture that includes this BGM below.
    • BGMs should also be available on-demand via the Jukebox.
  8. Furniture Changes
    • Hot Spring Bath and Cypress Bath have now entered Winter Mode.
  9. Furniture Update
    • New and old Furniture have been (re-)implemented into the game, and can be obtained via furniture coins:
      • Naval Office's Tree
      • Snowy field Floor
      • Z flag Fireplace
      • White and blue tree
      • Winter carpet New!
      • Winter stained glass window (Christmas 2016 Naval Base BGM included!)
      • White winter wallpaper
      • Fine Wood Wall
      • Simple Japanese Wallpaper
      • Ship Girl's Winter window
      • Modern art winter wallpaper
      • Dragon wallpaper
      • Destroyer daughter's tree
      • Special made snow patterned carpet New! (Christmas 2016 Naval Base BGM included!)
      • Kotatsu Taken out Too Early
      • Manuscript Desk
      • Frosted glass window
      • Winter decoration
      • Northern camouflage Chested drawers
      • Tricolor tree New! (Christmas 2016 Naval Base BGM included!)
    • As always, some furniture may require furniture fairies in order to be purchased.
  10. New Quests
    • A Large number of quests have been introduced this update, including some standard quests and a long quest chain:
      • B87 [Heavy Cruiser Squadron, Weigh Anchor!]
      • B88 [Battleship Squadron, Sortie!]
      • C11 [Large Scale Winter Exercise]
      • D20 [Obtain Airplane Technology from Submarine Dispatch Operation]
      • D21 [Obtain Jet Engine Technology from Submarine Dispatch Operation]
      • F44 [Procurement of Custom-Made Furniture]
      • F45 [Develop the New Reconnaissance Plane]
      • F46 [Develop the Jet Fighter-Bomber]
      • F46 [Increased Production of Ne Type Engine]
      • G5 [Modernization Improvement of Flight Rigging]
  11. Jet Planes And their uses
    • The Jet planes Kikka Kai and Jet Keiun Kai are now implemented in the game.
      • Jet Planes can be used by Land Based Air Squadrons and various special carriers (CVBs).
      • Jet planes will consume Steel when used.
      • Jet Planes will participate in a Raid Phase which will occur before the initial Air Attack Phase. They will take out any enemy jet planes during this phase, and are subjected to anti-air attacks when attacking enemy ships.
      • The Surviving Jets from this phase will then be able to take part in the following Air Attack Phase to attack enemy ships.
  12. Naval Base Bar Counter Mode Settings
    • The following new features have been implemented for the Naval Base Bar Counter:
      • American steak mode
      • Turkey sandwich mode
      • The French wine mode
      • La cuisine française mode
  13. KanColle Android Registration
    • New players will soon be able register and play KanColle via Android
  14. Improved Servers
    • Shortland and Rabaul server have been improved.
  15. Akebono Kai Art
  16. Anti-Bot Countermeasures
    • Ant-Bot countermeasures have been improved.