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Game Updates/2016/December 22

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December 22, 2016 Christmas Update

  1. Christmas Mode CG
  2. Additional Christmas Voice Lines
  3. Bar Counter Top Christmas Update
    • Bar Counter Top will now show Christmas related food items.
      • Counter Bar food and drink items will change depending on time and secretary ship
  4. New Dinner Furniture
    • The following new Furniture Items are now available:
      • Roast Beef Dinner
      • Rice Croquette Dinner (quest reward)
      • Turkey Dinner
      • Furniture fairies also available through new quests
  5. New Quests
    • Two New Special Winter Quests have been implemented
      • Winter Special Mission: Elite DDs, Sortie!
      • Winter Special mission: Seaplane Tender, set sail
      • Furniture Fairies and Reinforcement Expansions are available upon completion of these quests.
  6. Reinforcement Expansion Slot Improvements
    • Kanmusus with Reinforced expansion slots can now use Anti-Air Guns and Armor Buldges within those slots.
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  8. New BGM
    • New BGM "Night of Powdered Snow" is available via jukebox and can be played at base.
  9. UI Improvments to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
    • Akashi's Improvement Arsenal can now be accessable by clicking the crane in the lower left corner of any menu when outside of the the main base menu screen
      • You will need to have Akashi placed in as the flagship to use it
    • Before modifying a piece of equipment, you will get a notification telling you how many piece of equipment you will be left if you perform the modification before doing so.
  10. Free Gift Box
    • A Gift box will be given out free to admirals who log in before December 25th, 11:59 PM
  11. The "Christmas Season" content is scheduled to end on December 27, 2016.