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Game Updates/2014/September 26th

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September 12th, 2014 September 26th, 2014 October 10th, 2014

  1. New Maps
    • New World: World 6
    • 2 New Maps:
      • 6-1: A new map focused on submarines. No health bar.
      • 6-2: A new map with a health bar: kill the boss 3 times to clear it.
    • Note: support expeditions still only works in World 5.
  2. New Ships avalaible
    • New drops avalaible for the first time in a non-event map:
    • New ships avalaible for the first time in construction:
  3. New Remodel
    • Bismarck drei (Level 75Ammunition2400 Steel1800) (Blueprint needed)
      • Bismarck drei can also equip torpedo equipment.
  4. New Equipment
  5. New Voices
    • New voices for Hiyou and Jun'you:
      • Base forms: new resupply and wedding lines.
      • Kai and Kai Ni (Jun'you) forms: new idle lines.
  6. New Supply Ship System
    • Irako, Mamiya's 'sister' ship, has been implemented.
      • Mamiya removed fatigue, but Irako will also raise a number of ships' morale to sparkle status.
      • Mamiya and Irako can be used simultaneously to raise all ships in a fleet to sparkle status.
      • Irako is a purchased item, but she can be obtained from the new missions implemented.
      • Supply Ship Irako effects:
        • Irako's sparkling effect will work better on smaller ships.
        • There are exceptions with certain large ships getting being affected more than others.
  7. New Quests
    • Bm2 [Deploy the "Submarine Fleet"!] : rewards Food supply ship "Irako" x1
    • Bm3 ["Torpedo Squadron" to Nansei!] : rewards Food supply ship "Irako" x1
    • F16 [Preparation for "Irako"] : rewards Food supply ship "Irako" x4 (one-time only)
  8. New BGMs
    • 'Overlooking the I-go'
      • It only plays in 6-1 (World 6?) for now, but it will be avalaible in more maps and the Jukebox in the future.
  9. Game fixes
    • Display/Sound/Communication bug fixes
      • Fixed hourly notification playing when Furniture 'Antique clock' was removed
      • Fixed Jukebox bugs when sound options were adjusted
      • Added preventative measures for communication errors
      • Display bug of the Type 13 AIR RADAR Kai fixed