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Sandbox/Fall 2020 E-1

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Sandbox Rules

This sandbox is to be used to construct an event guide for the above mentioned event map. These guides are to all of the following requirements:

  • List of branching unlocking requirements (If there are multiple requirements, compositions for each path along with the below requirements will be needed to discuss the unlocking requirements in question)
  • A list of working compositions that work: (These must have possible alternatives for players who may or may not have all ships needed for a specific path)
  • The Path said composition will take (To explain what path the composition will take)
  • A summary or description of what kind of obstacles a composition will face.
  • A description of the boss node, what it consist and a descriptive guide on what the player should consider for a course of action to successfully win the battle.
  • (Optional) Tips to farm to take path to collect certain ships (This will also require a composition, path, and possible description.

Editors are to construct thier own version of thier guide and complete them in a timely fashion.

No other editors are to allowed to edit over other editor's work without the full consent of the editor and his approval to do so.

Several version will be constructed through this page and will be reviewed and approved by the staff/ collaboration committee before being moved for the Summer 2020 Event which it'll be reviewed and updated once more before it can be released.

Overall there will be 3 version of the guide that will be constructed which will include:

  • Preliminary Guide
  • Polished Guide
  • Finalized Guide

With each approval of each version the guide, the said guide will be updated to the main page and construction of the next version will begin.

All guides outside of the approved version will be removed and work will begin from the approved version to make it better for the next version until the finalized version is made.

Projected deadline for Initial guide: Nov 29th, 12:01 JST (May get extended by 1 day if massive delays occur)

Grunilg's Proposal

Ship Bonuses (Tentative)

Sandbox/E-1/historical ships -> look here

E-1 is a 2.5 Phase Single-Fleet Map consisting of a Transport, Unlock and TP Phase.

Phase 1: Defeat Mediterranean CL Princess

The goal of this phase is to deplete the HP Bar and defeat the CL Princess found at Node J. Aside from a Nu Class Flagship Kai Light Carrier in some compositions her escorts are not a threat. Only she herself with 740HP and up to 228 Armour on Hard Mode can be considered troublesome. One to three historical ships to deal with her are recommended.

  • Recommended Fleet: 1FBB 1CA 1CL 1CV 2DD (Fast Fleet)
  • Route: C-F-H-J
  • LBAS: Range 6, 100/225 Airpower for AP/AS
  • Additional Notes: Vanguard Formation can be utilized to help with preboss Nodes. Support Expeditions are not needed

Phase 1.5: Unlock the TP Node

This is not required on lower difficulties. On Hard Mode, you need to A+-Rank Node D consisting of 2 Supply Depot Hime, Artillery Imps and PT Imps each. Set up your Ships with the according equipment to deal with them as outlined here. PT Imps are weak to AA Guns + Skilled Lookouts on your DDs.

  • Recommended Fleet: 1FBB 1CA 1CL 1CVL 2DD (Slow Fleet)
  • Route: B-D
  • LBAS: Range 3, 136 Airpower for AP
  • Additional Notes: Support Expeditions are not needed but node support can be used to deal with PT botes

Phase 2: Deplete the TP Gauge

The Goal of this Phase is to deplete the TP Gauge. The TP boss can consist of (French BB Hime) and a weaker variant of the Mediterranean CL Hime accompanied by some elite DDs. To deplete the Gauge faster, it is recommended to take Transport Equipment like Drums and Daihatsu-Class landing craft on your weak surface combattants. AACI for the preboss Air Raid is recommended.

  • Recommended Fleet: 1FBB 1CV 4DD
  • Route: C-F-G-N-O
  • LBAS: Range 7, 101 Airpower for AS (108 LD)
  • Additional Notes: It might be preferable to gun for A-Ranks here as French BB Hime is properly dummy thicc at 256 Armour. Support Expeditions are not needed unless going for S ranks. If only a few Points are remaining you can start replacing Transport Equipment for Combat Equipment.

Grunilg's Proposal:Fuel

Node E is a resource Node on this map that can be farmed for fuel. Its maximum reward of 250 Fuel is calculated as:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Fuel}= \text{min}\begin{cases} 50 + 25\times\text{N}_\text{Drum} + 50 \times\text{N}_\text{DLC} \\ 250 \end{cases} }[/math]

The Ships required for the shortest routing (Start-C-E) are 1AO 4DD, the remaining slot can be filled by a AV/CV(L)/SS(V). In case of AV/CV(L) they should be set up with a full bombing setup as the opening airstrike is not affected by Morale. The single Combat Node is C, containing a light enemy Torpedo Squadron.


  • You can advance even after a ship in your fleet was heavily damaged (大破) and put into taiha-state at Node C as the following Resource Node is not a combat node. Doublecheck your fleets status before reentering the map
  • Fodder use and zero morale farming is possible
  • Kamoi is the recommended pick for AO as Hayasui is more expensive to sortie
  • If you havent started the Event yet, you can farm fuel on Casual difficulty to make the combat node easier
  • Be aware that locks still get applied to ships you use to farm fuel here, so plan accordingly if you plan to clear maps on higher difficulties

Darkheron Proposal

  • It is possible to use LBAS squadron in this map
  • Preliminary Guide (Not all information is 100% accurate at this time)
  • It is possible to farm resources in this map
    • ~250 fuel per run and possibly use DD comps to get fuel from the Resource Node
    • It is possible to gain more fuel if you use ship equip with Daihatsu (Toku Daihatsu and Regular version are best)?
    • Comp: 1 AV 1 DE 4 DD OR Kamoi 5 DD
    • Routing for this comp will only have you fight against 1 Surface node before getting to the supply node

Phase 1: Defeat abyssal Meditterian Princess

  • Comp: 1 CL 5 DD, OR 1 FBB 1 CL 4 DD (It is possible for you to use CV here to secure AS/AS+ at the boss)
  • Route: C-F-H-J
  • Boss composition has a CVL Nu Flagship model. Having a ship with some sort of air might be helpful (but not needed considering LBAS support is very strong here)
    • Range 6 is needed to reach the boss

Phase 2: Unlock the TP Phase

  • Requirement: A rank or higher D node
    • D Node on Hard Mode contains 2 Supply Depot Hime
  • Comp: 1 FBB 1 CA 1 CVL 1 CL 2 DD
  • Route: B-D
    • Bring ships that can equip both Type 89 Daihatsus and Type 2 Kami Tanks along with WG-42 combo in order to kill them fast
    • Recommend having machine guns in order to deal with PT Imps within the node also.
    • LBAS Range of 3 only.

Phase 3: Deplete TP Phase

  • You have several options on how to do this phase.
    • You can either have as many Daihatsu on ships as you can and try to deplete the TP as quickly as possible
    • Or, take your time and deplete the TP gauge slowly
      • This method allows you to both farms for ships and do the TP phase at the same time.
      • Sirroco Drops in TP Phase
  • Comp: 1 FBB 1 CL 4 DD
  • Route: C-F-G-N-O
    • There's a LOS check for this portion. The current Value is unknown...