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Game Updates/2022/October 14th

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September 30th, 2022 October 14th, 2022 October 31st, 2022

Pumpkin Festival Update

Summer 2022 Event has come to an end.

Menu Item Pumpkin 2022 4.png

  • Mini-Event Pumpkin Festival:
    • Pumpkins can be gathered with the limited-time quests
    • Pumpkins can be cooked for some screws and a Anti-Aircraft Shell Type 3 Shell Kai NiType 3 Shell Kai Ni
    • Pumpkins can also be consumed to Luck luck mod ships through modernization
      • See here for more details.

  • Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates:
    • Quest pvp.png 2210 C1 Quest once.png Halloween Special Exercise! Halloween - 特別演習!
    • Quest sortie.png 2210 B1 Quest once.png Fleet Pumpkin Festival, let's begin! 【期間限定任務】- 艦隊南瓜祭り、始め!
    • Quest sortie.png 2210 B2 Quest once.png Fleet Pumpkin Festival, heading north! 【期間限定任務】- 艦隊南瓜祭り、北方へ!
    • Quest sortie.png 2210 B3 Quest once.png Fleet Pumpkin Festival, heading west! 【期間限定任務】- 艦隊南瓜祭り、西方へ!
    • Quest sortie.png 2210 B4 Quest once.png [Class A Quest] Fleet Pumpkin Festival, Extra Operation! - 【甲種任務】艦隊南瓜祭り、拡張作戦!
    • Quest factory.png 2210 F1 Quest wekly.png Cleaning up for Halloween! - 【期間限定任務】Halloweenはお掃除も!

  • Furniture Coin Furniture update:
    • French ships furniture (フランス艦 les meuble)
    • French ships table (フランス艦 la table)
    • French wallpaper (フランス生まれの壁)
    • Naval base furniture (such as counter bar) are updated for new girls.

  • ♫ Jukebox updated with the following tracks:
    • Akizuki's Sky ♪「秋月の空」
    • Akashi Factory ♪「明石の工廠」
    • Zuiun's Sky ♪「瑞雲の空」
    • Nishimura Fleet Battle ♪「西村艦隊の戦い」

  • UI update:
    • Ships on the "others" tab can be replenished with only planes.
    • It also indicates ships that require plane replenishment.

  • 🍂 Seasonal update: Fall, Halloween is here Garuru~♪
    • New CGs:
      • Yukata: Mogami (all remodels), Yamashio Maru, Ukuru (base and kai),
      • Halloween: Brooklyn, Abukuma, Hayanami, Maestrale, Minegumo, Natsugumo,
      • Yuugumo-class Kai Ni and Asashio-class ships uniform change (long sleeves).
    • Voice lines: Yamashio Maru, Ukuru, ...