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Game Updates/2020/March 27th

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March 3th, 2020 March 27th, 2020 April 23rd, 2020

March 27th, 2020 Post Hina Matsuri Event Update

  1. Mini Event "Peach Festival! Offshore Waves' has come to an end.
    • All the Hishimochi have been removed.
  2. Shipgirl changes
    • Autumn Casual Mode has been removed.
    • White Day voicelines have been removed.
    • Spring voicelines have been implemented.
      • Grecale, Janus and Mikura among others.
    • Akashi has received a new 'Outing' CG
  3. Equipment changes
    • Swordfish (Floatplane) has been implemented.
    • Small buffs for Searchlights.
      • Additional bonuses on Hiei, Kirishima, Jintsuu etc.
    • Skilled Lookouts have been buffed.
      • Additional bonuses on Japanese DDs and CLs.
      • Can be equipped in Reinforcement Expansion slots.
    • Anti-aircraft Fire Directors have been made more useful.
      • They can now be equipped in Reinforcement Expansion slot.
      • Type 91 Anti-aircraft Fire Director can now be developed.
    • 20.3 cm #2 and 20.3 cm #3 medium calibre guns have received additional bonuses when equipped on Japanese heavy cruisers.
      • The #3 version has received extra strong bonuses on the Myoukou, Takao, Mogami and, especially, Tone classes.
      • Additional bonuses will be activated if mixed with surface radars.
    • Type 96 and Type 96 Kai fighters have received additional bonuses on Houshou, Taiyou and Shinyou.
  4. Akashi Arsenal changes
    • Late 298B can now be improved with help of a certain Shipgirl.
    • Swordfish can now be improved and upgraded to Swordfish Mk.II (Skilled) with help of a certain Shipgirl.
    • Newly implemented Swordfish (Floatplane) can also be improved with help of a certain Shipgirl.
      • Will become upgradable into Swordfish Mk. III Kai (Floatplane) later.
  5. Map changes
    • The month of Uzuki has begun! Let the wabbit hunt begin!
    • Time-limited Kaiboukan drops have been disabled.
    • Time-limited drops of Gotland, Commandant Teste and Kamoi have been implemented.
  6. Quest changes
    • New quests:
      • By3 [Repair ship Akashi Escort Operations] - 工作艦「明石」護衛任務 (Yearly)
      • By4 [Heavy Cruiser Squadron, to the west!] - 重巡戦隊、西へ! (Yearly)
      • D33 [Conduct a practice voyage and surveillance mission!] - 練習航海及び警備任務を実施せよ! (Yearly)
      • B143 [5th Carrier Division, go wild!] - 「第五航空戦隊」、縦横無尽!
    • With the removal of Hishimochi the reward for "31st Squadron, sortie!" has been changed to a present box.
    • The Winter PvP quest has been replaced with a Spring PvP quest.
    • New time-limited quests:
      • [Spring Only] Fly! Floatplane Swordfish
      • [Spring Only] Improve the floatplane Swordfish
      • Will expire after around two months
  7. Expedition changes
    • Fixed a bug that caused some expeditions to counts kaiboukans as destroyers.
    • Two new expeditions:
      • Nansei Islands search and destroy operation
      • Fleet advance towards Rabaul
    • New icon has been added to signify that there are Screws available from an expedition.
  8. BGM changes
    • Three new BGMs have been added to the Jukebox:
      • 【Naganami, dashing】
      • 【Combined Fleet Flagship】
      • 【鶴墜ちる海】
  9. Furniture Shop changes
    • New and returning furniture
    • Uzuki furniture is back
  10. UI changes
    • Quest menu has received new category filter based on mission's type - combat, exercises, expedition, arsenal, others.
  11. Other
    • KanColle will celebrate its 7th anniversary soon.
      • New CGs are planned.
      • Kongou Kai Ni C, Oboro Kai, Akebono Kai and Etorofu Kai have something waiting for them.