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Game Updates/2019/July 18th

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June 25th, 2019 July 18th, 2019 August 8th, 2019

July 18th, 2019 Summer Swimsuit Expedition update

  1. Shipgirl changes
    • The Rainy Season has come to an end in KanColle, disabling Tsuyu CGs and Voicelines.
      • CGs can now be seen in the Glossary.
    • Samuel B. Roberts, Murasame Kai Ni and Yukikaze have received Swimsuit CGs.
    • Naganami-sama has received her Summer Uniform CG.
    • Old Swimsuit CGs have been reimplemented for Yamato, Haruna and everyone else who had them.
    • Time-limited drops of Kamikaze and Asakaze have been implemented.
      • Easy to obtain if you still don't have them.
      • Confirmed Boss node drop in 1-4.
  2. Expedition changes
    • The Expedition system has been reworked.
      • New UI has been implemented.
        • The UI now shows the number and types of ships required for the Expedition.
      • New Expeditions have been implemented.
      • New type of Expedition, a Monthly Expedition has been implemented.
        • They can be completed once a month.
        • They update every 15th day of the month at noon.
        • Extra Monthly or resource-rewarding Monthly Expeditions can be unlocked.
        • Some Monthly Expeditions can reward Improvement Materials (screws). More are to be implemented.
      • New type of Expedition, a Combat Expedition has been implemented.
        • Enemy fleet can be encountered during such Expedition.
        • It's marked with a special icon.
        • Depending on Expeditionary Fleet's equipment and combat abilities some Shipgirls may get damaged.
        • Two such Expeditions have been implemented with this updated.
    • New Expeditions have been added.
      • Monthly A4 Naval Base Waters: Patrolling Communication Lines (鎮守府海域:南西方面連絡線哨戒)
      • Monthly B3 Nansei Archipelago : Patrolling Remote Islands of the Nansei Archipelago (南西諸島海域:南西諸島離島哨戒作戦)
      • Monthly 42 Southwestern Waters: Escorting the Mi Convoy (Convoy #1) (南西海域:ミ船団護衛(一号船団))
      • Monthly 44 Southwestern Waters: Aerial Equipment Transport Mission (南西海域:航空装備輸送任務)
      • Monthly/Combat B4 Nansei Archipelago : Defence of the Remote Islands of the Nansei Archipelago (南西諸島海域:南西諸島離島防衛作戦)
      • Monthly/Combat 43 Southwestern Waters: Escorting the Mi Convoy (Convoy #2) (南西海域:ミ船団護衛(二号船団))
      • 41 Southwestern Waters: Patrolling the Mouth of the Brunei Anchorage (南西海域:ブルネイ泊地沖哨戒)
    • Some Conventional Expeditions have been updated.
      • Expedition B2 (Enemy Harbor Assult Counter Attack Operation) has been turned into a Monthly Expedition
      • Expeditions 14 (Marine Siege Evacuation Operation), 19 (Operation Kita), 30 (Submarine Dispatch Operation) and few others have had their resource rewards increased.
      • Further adjustments will be implemented in the future.
  3. Quest changes
  4. Akashi Arsenal changes
  5. Furniture Updates
    • A new wall scroll, Haguro's Protection (掛け軸) has been implemented.
      • Obtainable from one of the new quests.
    • Rainy Season mode for Hinoki Bathtub and Shipgirl Umbrella Stand has ended.
    • Rocky Onsen Bath as well as Naval Base Counterbar had their Rainy Season mode replaced by the Summer mode.
    • Large Ikebana Arrangement has also had its Summer mode implemented.
  6. Audio changes
    • Naval Base Jukebox has received new musical pieces to choose from.
      • White Dew after Tsuyu 【梅雨明けの白露】
      • Swimsuit Sortie 【水着の出撃】
      • Beach Shipgirls 【浜辺の艦娘】
  7. New and Returning Furniture
    • 木板の壁
    • 木製の涼しげな壁
    • 夏仕様の花火模様壁紙 new!
    • 夏の職人木製壁
    • 金魚の高級壁紙
    • 矢羽の壁紙
    • 文月の壁紙
    • 文月の窓
    • 艦娘が育てる朝顔の鉢
    • 鎮守府夏時間の窓
    • ラヂオの窓
    • 鬼灯の花の窓
    • 蚊取り線香の窓
    • 昔ながらのすりガラス
    • 青と白のブラインド窓
    • 青と白の壁
    • 青と白の床
    • 砂浜の床
    • 波打ち際の砂浜床
    • 床半分の簡易畳
    • 夏床板と向日葵敷物 new!
    • 水風呂
    • 西瓜割りセット
    • ビニールプール
    • リゾートセット
    • リゾートハンモック
    • 艦隊氷旗
    • 古い世界地図
    • 壁掛け図上演習セット
    • 重巡模型と桐箪笥
    • 職人和飾棚
    • 大型生花アレンジメント
    • 鎮守府「流しそうめん」 new!
    • 鎮守府風鈴