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Game Updates/2017/May 2nd

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April 23th, 2017 May 2nd, 2017 May 22nd, 2017

May 2nd, 2017 The Spring 2017 Event Update

  1. Spring related quests will come to an end.
  2. The following maps for the Spring 2017 Event have been released:
    • E-1: Sortie! Ōminato Guard District
    • E-2: Fleet, Assemble! To the Hitokappu Anchorage
    • E-3: Fleet, Head out! Reinforce the Northern Defence Line!
  3. From E-2 onwards, it is possible to acquire the Destroyer Escort / Coastal Defence Ship (DE) Kunashiri as a drop. Also, from E-3 onwards (which requires use of a Combined Fleet), it is possible to acquire the DE Shimushu and the Supply Vessel (AO) Kamoi. The latter can be remodeled into a Seaplane Tender (AV), and does not require use of a Blueprint in order to do so.
  4. Upon clearing E-3, Admirals will be rewarded with the Converted Merchant Aircraft Carrier Kasuga Maru. She starts off as a very weak aircraft carrier, but can eventually be remodeled into a more powerful carrier with her own distinctive strengths.
    • Her final remodel requires a Prototype Catapult, which can be obtained from the latter half of this event.