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Game Updates/2017/May 22nd

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May 2nd, 2017 May 22nd, 2017 May 29th, 2017

May 22nd, 2017 Post Spring Event 2017 Update

  1. End of the Spring 2017 Event
  2. End of Bouquet CGs for Yuugumo, Naganami, Harusame Kai, and Mizuho
    • The Bouquet CGs for the above ships have been removed from the game.
  3. Updates to the Naval Base Counter Bar
    • The Naval Base Counter Bar has been updated to include relevant food and/or drinks for the new ships from the most recent event.
  4. New / Returning furniture has been added to the game:
    • しょうぶ和箪笥
    • 皐月の壁紙
    • 皐月の窓
    • 皐月の机
    • コンクリート壁
    • レインコート&傘掛け
    • 村雨の窓 new!
    • 藤の壁紙
    • 藤と水面の床
    • 新緑のフローリング
    • 新緑の壁紙
    • 戦艦タイルの床
    • てるてる坊主の窓
    • 「なのです」掛け軸
    • 「長門」模型と桐箪笥
    • 梅雨の壁紙
    • 梅雨の季節の床
    • 梅雨の緑カーテン窓
    • 紫陽花のステンドグラス
    • 水無月の壁紙 new!
    • 水無月の窓 new!
  5. New BGM(s) have been added the game:
    • 【連合艦隊旗艦】 - This BGM can be heard while sortieing to Worlds 4 & 5, but will also be the default track for the main menu if you have the furniture 【「長門」模型と桐箪笥】 present in your room.
  6. The Jukebox has also been updated.
    • This includes the addition of the BGM 【連合艦隊旗艦】 to the Jukebox.
  7. New Quests: A total of 4 new quests have been added to the game.
    • D22 [Reinforce the transport escort fleet!] 輸送船団護衛を強化せよ!
    • B98 [Reinforce the coastal guard!] 海上護衛体制の強化に努めよ!
    • A75 [Organise the new "First Squadron"!] 新編「第一戦隊」を編成せよ!
    • B99 [New "First Squadron", Weigh Anchor!] 新編「第一戦隊」、抜錨せよ!
    • As always, certain prerequisite conditions may have to be met before these quests show up in your quest log.
  8. Bugfixes/Updates.
    • Fixed Taiyou's voice lines (first remodel for Kasuga Maru), which were not playing properly before this.
    • Fixed some problems with Secondary Guns improved via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal not behaving as intended (this was actually fixed at the beginning of the Spring 2017 Event).
  9. Servers have been updated/reorganised, and some servers will be reopened for new players to join.
  10. Updates to Nagato Kai's voice lines.
    • Nagato has received hourly voice lines that will play from her first remodel (Nagato Kai) onwards.
  11. Addition of Nagato K2 to the game.
    • A Blueprint is required for this remodel.
    • Although the remodel may not appear particularly powerful at first glance, it comes with "multiple unique features".
      • Although Nagato K2 remains a slow battleship with heavy armour, her speed can be improved to fast(er) levels through the use of the appropriate equipment.
      • In addition to the conventional fit gun bonuses, Nagato K2 includes her own special weaponry features.
      • Nagato K2 also comes equipped with the Prototype 41cm Triple Gun Mount.
        • Aside from this providing a fit gun bonus (as mentioned above), with the correct equipment configuration(s), Nagato K2 can also provide highly effective / accurate shelling during both day and night battle phases.
      • By deploying Nagato K2 together with Mutsu Kai, it is possible to acquire the New Design Anti-Torpedo Bulge (Large) through the completion of one of the above new quests.
      • Again, as was previously mentioned, Nagato K2 comes with her own unique equipment configurations, and some equipment other than battle-oriented equipment can also be used.
        • So far, in terms of game mechanics, this has been shown to include the ability to equip most guns (including DD and CL/CA guns), as well as the Daihatsu and all of its variants.