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Game Updates/2017/January 25

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January 10, 2017 January 25, 2017 February 11, 2017

January 25,2017 Arashio Kai Ni/Setsubun 2017 Update

  1. Setsubun voice lines have been added to the game.
    • 40 new lines have been added, with a total of 150 ships having voice lines for this event.
  2. A total of 3 new quests have been added, including 2 time-limited quests for Setsubun:
    • Special Setsubun Quest: Obtain Naval Supremacy!
    • B90 [Elite 8th Destroyer Division, Sortie!]
    • Furniture fairy/fairies, new furniture (Setsubun Manuscript Desk), and reinforcement expansion slot(s) can be obtained from these quests.
    • As usual, prerequisite quests may need to be completed in order to trigger the new quests.
  3. Changes to the PvP System:
    • The matching system for PvP has been updated. There are now 3 different options:
      • (New)演習艦隊【第一群】 Fleet Group (No.1)
        • New system #1: Exercise opponents are selected from a pool of fleets that are stronger than those found under new system #2 (details below), but are likely to give more experience upon being defeated.
      • (New)演習艦隊【第二群】 Fleet Group (No.2)
        • New system #2: Exercise opponents are selected from a pool of fleets considered to be "more suitable for exercises", not from the pool under the old system.
      • (Old) system
        • Old system: Exercise opponents are selected via the previous system (see below).
        • (If you are ranked within the Top 1000, your list will be 5 random players within Top 1000.)
        • (If you are NOT ranked within the Top 1000, your list will be 1 random player within Top 1000, the 3 players immediately above you in Ranking, and the player 10 places after you in Ranking.)
    • You can choose one out of the three systems for use, and switch between them as you choose. Conditions apply, see below.
      • The exercises update at 0300 and 1500 JST.
      • You can choose your preferred system up until two hours before the exercises update (0100 / 1300 JST). You will not be able to make any changes after this time.
        • The next round of exercise opponents will then be selected according to your system of choice.
        • As the new system of PvP has been implemented, the PvP opponents you are matched with post-patch may be significantly different from what you are normally used to, due to the initial matching by the system. This should be fixed after the next refresh, according to the option you have chosen from the list above.
          • Furthermore, the default selection on PvP post-patch is the "old" system. Therefore, if you do not change the default selection, you should return to the old system after the next refresh (0300 JST, 26 Jan 2017). If you wish to change this, select the system of your choice before the cut-off time.
      • The new systems #1 and #2 may be further refined/updated in the future.
  4. Increase in maximum number of ship slots
    • The maximum number of ship slots has been increased by +10, for a total of 320 slots (was 310 previously).
    • The maximum number of equipment slots has also been increased by +40.
  5. Updates to the furniture store:
    • Old and new furniture related to the Setsubun event has been added to the store. Old and new kitchen furniture and furniture in preparation for the mid-February time period has also been added to the store.
      • Setsubun Wallpaper new!
      • Setsubun Bean Set
      • Adult's Setsubun's Set
      • Fashional Latticed Window
      • Ehomaki Kitchen new!
      • "Setsubun" Hanging Scroll new!
      • Cake Making Wallpaper
      • Chocolate Kitchen
  6. Addition of Libeccio as a regular drop.
    • Libeccio can now be obtained as a regular drop from 4-5.
  7. Addition of Zara to LSC.
    • Under specific conditions, Zara can be obtained via LSC.
      • One of two particular ships (not specified) must be flagship in order to obtain her.
      • Resource input must also be balanced between being "too much" and "too little".
    • Please only attempt this if and when you have sufficient resources for LSC.
  8. Addition of Setsubun CGs.
    • Kazagumo, Akashi, Akashi Kai, Uranami, and Commandant Teste have received CGs for Setsubun.
      • Kazagumo's CG in particular is mentioned has having a "link" to the new furniture obtainable from the time-limited quests (節分の原稿机).
  9. Addition of Arashio Kai Ni.
    • At an appropriately high level (67), Arashio can now be remodeled into her Kai Ni form.
      • She is capable of carrying Daihatsu and other related equipment after being remodeled.
      • A blueprint is necessary for this remodel.
      • New secretary and combat voice lines will also be available after remodeling her.