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Game Updates/2016/June 10th

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June 1, 2016 June 10th, 2016 June 22, 2016

June 10th, 2016 Closed Beta Access for Android / Additional Rainy Season Mode for Some Kanmusus

Shiyatsuyu Mobile CG Mode in celebration of the Android's Release
Damaged Version
  1. Rainy Season Mode CG and Voices
  2. Hot Spring Bath Seasonal Update
    • Hot Spring bath for your naval base main room has been updated to include Rainy Season themed decorations.
  3. New & Returning Furniture
    • The current offer list at the furniture shop has been updated:
      • Hydrangea Stained Glass
      • Mogami Model Ship atop paulownia chested Drawers - New!
      • Hot Spring Bath - Returning Furniture
  4. Naval Base Bar Counter Top update
    • Naval Base Bar Counter Top will now have Hydrangea themed decorations places on the bar when Kanmusus have drinks on the table at various times of the day depending on the time and the secretary you select.
  5. Bug Fixes
  6. UI Update Regarding Quests
    • Quests will now be displayed as either "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", "Once", or "Other" on the Quest Menu Section
    • You will now be given the ability to search through the quest list and categorize your quest based on "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", "Once", "Other", as well as a filter for all the quests you are currently undertaking
  7. Increased Bot/Macro Counter Measures
  8. Mobile Phone Mode CG
    • To celebrate the release of the Kancolle Android version's release. Shiratsuyu will be put into "Mobile Phone Mode" for the time begin.
  9. Closed Beta Access for Android now available
    • Those who have be chosen in the Closed Beta Access Lottery for Android will be granted access. They will be required to download the Kancolle Mobile App from the DMM Game Store.
    • People will be able to obtain the Kancolle Android App from http://www.dmm.com/app/appstore/lp/