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Game Updates/2016/April 1

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March 19, 2016 April 1, 2016 April 22, 2016

April 1st, 2016 The Ooshio Kai Ni Update

  1. Ooshio Kai Ni
    • She will require a high level in order to recive her remodel
    • She will come with a Daihatsu
    • She can also equip Daihatsu
      • She will require a blueprint for her kai ni upgrade.
  2. New Quest
    • B63 [Protect the Oil Refinery!]
    • B64 [Strengthen the Nansai Island Defense Line!]
    • B65 [Obtain supremacy at the Orel Sea]
    • B66 [Flagship Ooshio, Sortie]
    • F31 [Prepare the new furniture.]
      • each quest requires a prerequisite quest to be finished to be unlocked.
  3. Maritime Resupply and Battle Rations system update.
    • If a kanmusu is equipped with Battle Rations or Hayasui is equipped with a Maritime Resupply, if either are not used before the boss node. You will be given the option to choose if you want to use the items for the boss node.
    • Battle Rations can also affect the performance of your amphibious landing squads.
  4. Spring Voice Line update
    • Along with the coming of Spring voices that were recently introduced, there will be 50 additional voices added this update.
  5. White Day Voices and Beef Bowl Mode CG have come to an end.
    • All Beef Bowl Mode CG will be saved in your Kanmusus dictionary.
  6. Uzuki and Akashi have become a limited time drop
    • In celebration of April, Uzuki can now be found in various Extra Operation Locations
    • Akashi can now be found in areas near the coastal waters if you do not own her.
  7. New Spring Furniture
    • To celebrate the coming of April the following furniture has been implemented:
      • Uzuki's floor
      • Uzuki's Wallpaper
      • Uzuki's Window
      • Uzuki's Table
      • Uzuki's Scroll *Dynamic Sale available
  8. Additional Information regarding Uzuki Furniture
    • Some of the furniture will require you to use furniture fairies to purchase. However you can obtain furniture faeries from the recent quests that have been implemented. Therefore it may not be necessary to go purchase new furniture faeries to get said furniture.
    • Uzuki's Table and Uzuki's Scroll also have special gimmicks to them.
  9. Mutsuki and Kisaragi equipment update
  10. End of the White Day Cookies and distribution of the "Type B Sisters of Spring Frame"
  11. Small buff tweaks to some Kanmusu max stats
    • Shigure Kai Ni Icon Gun.png +2
    • Ushio Kai Ni - Icon Armor.png +1
    • Akatsuki Kai Ni - Icon Gun.png +2
    • Murakumo Kai Ni - Icon Gun.png +2
    • Hatsuharu Kai Ni- Icon Torpedo.png +2
    • Hatsushimo Kai Ni - Icon Gun.png +2 Icon AA.png +1
  12. New Animations for Seaplane bombers and fighters"