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Game Updates/2015/November 18

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October 30th, 2015 November 18, 2015 December 8, 2015

November 18th, 2015 The Fall 2015 Event Update

For further information please go to Fall 2015 Event for full details.

  1. Commencement of the Fall 2015 Event: Time-Limited Map "Breakthrough! Maritime Transport Operation"!
    • The Fall 2015 Event: Time-Limited Map "Breakthrough! Maritime Transport Operation" has been implemented and the corresponding operation has begun. This operation is mainly focused on transport operation carried out mainly by torpedo squadrons.
  2. Operation Makeup
    • The operation consists of the Main Operation and the Expanded Operations. Admirals who haven't spent much time at the post should set clearing the main operation as the goal. Also, it is not wise to charge into the the operation maps immediately; preparation by sortieing to the regular maps is also important.
  3. Main Operation
    • The Main Operation consists of the following three maps:
      1. Transport Operation! Clearing the Route
      2. Battle off the Shore of Korone Haikara Island
      3. Deploy! Maritime Transportation Fleet
    • Admirals who complete the main operation will be able to rendezvous with the training cruiser Kashima!
  4. Regarding Combined Fleet
    • The first operational map Transport Operation! Clearing the Route requires a Combined Fleet.
    • Form the main fleet in the 1st fleet and the escort fleet in the 2nd fleet, drag-and-drop the icon for 2nd fleet onto the 1st fleet in order to form the Combined Fleet.
  5. Regarding the Transport Landing Gauge
    • The next two maps, Battle off the Shore of Korone Haikara Island and Deploy! Maritime Transportation Fleet, are both transport operations. Transportation are done by reaching the landing area with a designated fleet such as a torpedo squadron and eliminating the enemies near the area! The Transport Landing Gauge will change after.
  6. Increasing the Amount of Transportation
    • By utilizing equipments designated for transportation, it is possible to increase the amount transport in a sortie. Also, it is possible to deploy a large "Transport Escort Fleet" of Combined Fleet setup to the third map Deploy! Maritime Transportation Fleet. The main fleet will be allowed up 2 capital ships in this case.
  7. Regarding the Main Operation......
    • It is possible to encounter Akizuki, Kawakaze, Mizuho and the such in the operational maps of the main operation.
    • Note that the chance to encounter them will be greater on higher difficulty.
    • Admirals who complete the main operation will be able to participate in the expanded operations.
  8. Expanded Operation
    • The Expanded Operation consists of the following two maps:
      1. Western Front! Deploy a Mobile Task Force (A separate front)
      2. Survive! Vanilla Bay Night Battle! (Final Operational Map)
    • Admirals who clear all the operations will be able to rendezvous with the destroyer Hagikaze!
  9. Reagarding the Expanded Operation......
    • Depending on how the operation is carried out, it is possible to encounter foreign ships such as the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen and the battleship Roma! Also, the new carrier Graf Zeppelin can be encountered. Destroyer Arashi can be encountered on the last map!
  10. Regarding the new enemy "PT小鬼群"
    • During the fall event maps, a new enemy ship, "PT小鬼群" will appear. Attacks from large ships such as battleships will not be effective. Smaller ships such as destroyers will be effective.
    • Large ships equipped with secondary guns can compensate somewhat.
  11. The Strong Enemy of the Expanded Operation......
    • Strong abyssal ships will show up in the final stages of the expanded operations. There exists an Armor Crush effect that will make it easier to deal damage to them.
    • If the crush effect takes place, some changes will happen.
    • Enemy armor will revive at 0500 (JST) everyday (will not revive on the last day).
  12. New BGM Implemented
    • The following BGMs are implemented during today's update.
      1. Gathering the Fleet - BGM for the Operational Maps / Navigation
      2. Maritime Transportation Operation - BGM for the Operational Maps / Battle
      3. Counterattack of the Torpedo Squadron - Boss BGM
      4. Night Battle Lie in Wait - Final Boss BGM