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Sandbox/Fall 2020 E-2

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Sandbox Rules

This sandbox is to be used to construct an event guide for the above mentioned event map. These guides are to all of the following requirements:

  • List of branching unlocking requirements (If there are multiple requirements, compositions for each path along with the below requirements will be needed to discuss the unlocking requirements in question)
  • A list of working compositions that work: (These must have possible alternatives for players who may or may not have all ships needed for a specific path)
  • The Path said composition will take (To explain what path the composition will take)
  • A summary or description of what kind of obstacles a composition will face.
  • A description of the boss node, what it consist and a descriptive guide on what the player should consider for a course of action to successfully win the battle.
  • (Optional) Tips to farm to take path to collect certain ships (This will also require a composition, path, and possible description.

Editors are to construct thier own version of thier guide and complete them in a timely fashion.

No other editors are to allowed to edit over other editor's work without the full consent of the editor and his approval to do so.

Several version will be constructed through this page and will be reviewed and approved by the staff/ collaboration committee before being moved for the Summer 2020 Event which it'll be reviewed and updated once more before it can be released.

Overall there will be 3 version of the guide that will be constructed which will include:

  • Preliminary Guide
  • Polished Guide
  • Finalized Guide

With each approval of each version the guide, the said guide will be updated to the main page and construction of the next version will begin.

All guides outside of the approved version will be removed and work will begin from the approved version to make it better for the next version until the finalized version is made.

Projected deadline for Initial guide: Nov 30th- December 1st, 12:01 JST (May get extended by 1 day if massive delays occur)

DarkHeron's Proposal stolen by Grunilg

E-2 is a multi-phase map starting with a TP Phase followed by a HP Phase.

Phase 1: Deplete TP Gauge

The Goal of this Phase is depleting the TP-Gauge by reaching Node K and defeating the Transport Boss at Node N using a Transport Combined Fleet (TCF). The preboss gauntlet includes a Submarine Node, an Airstrike and PT Imps, the Boss itself is rather unimpressive and obtaining winning ranks should not pose a problem.

  • Recommended Fleet: 0-1AV/0-1CL/1-2CAV/4DD + 1-2CL/0-1CA(V)/3-5DD (Transport Combined Fleet | Maximum of 2 (AV/CA/CAV))
  • Route: B-C-F-H-J-K-N
  • Notes:
    • Concentrate your Transport Equipment on the Main Fleet as the Escort Fleet are the ones doing the most fighting
    • AACI to deal with the Airstrike is recommended
    • (O)ASW is optional, the subnode is not that threatening
    • There is no Airpower on the Boss, a single Seaplane-Fighter is sufficient to acquire AS
    • If lacking Destroyers equipped with Reinforcement Expansions to deal with PT-Imps, it is recommended to use Support Shelling

Phase 2: Unlock Shortcut E -> O & G -> O

  • S rank A Node 2x
    • Comp: Use TCF Comp that you run in Phase 1. B Node is a choice node so pick to go to A instead of C
      • 1-2 CAV 4-5 DD + 1-2 CL 1 CA 3-4 DD
  • S rank L Node 2x (preboss for HP Node)
    • STF Comp: 1 FBB 2 CAV 1 CL 2 DD + 0-1 CA 1 CLT 1 CL 3-4 DD
    • Route: B-C-F-H-I-J-L
      • Retreat after you reach this node because the node after L is the boss node. You will be at fuel and ammo penalty after you finished with this node. It's not recommended to continue to the boss
  • Reach node N 2x S rank
    • TCF Comp: 2 CAV 4 DD + 1-2 CL 1 CA 3-4 DD
    • Route: B-C-F-G-H-I-J-K-N
      • Use the same composition you used for Phase 1.
  • The above requirement will only need to be done once in Medium mode and below

Phase 3: Defeat Abyssal CA Hime

  • STF Comp: 1FBB 2 CAV 1 CL 2 DD + 0-1 CA 1 CLT 1 CL 3-4 DD
  • Node: B-C-E-G-O-Q
  • Since the use of LBAS here is not possible, Boss Support Expedition is recommended to try and clear out as many enemy ships as possible before the first shelling phase commences