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The project of splitting up this page to make it more readable (less overwhelming) has been going on for a while, and so far the following have been given dedicated pages:

I think providing a list of these at the top of the mother page would be best, while possibly inserting a link in relevant places throughout the page for each one. Other potential forks:

  • Night Battle
  • Equipment setups (there is currently an Equipment Guide page, but the content is low-quality and some of the suggestions are ludicrous.)
  • Pages dedicated to speculation, as in the case of evasion modifiers from formations, sparkling, fuel, and the evasion stat itself; and artillery spotting chances (much of the testing is too speculative to use in detail on the main page).

Of course, this page's content can use touching up as well. I'm curious to hear suggestions about how to effectively structure the page and its offshoots. Wsewolod (talk) 00:10, 6 June 2015 (UTC)

Equipment Setup Revamp

The Common setups are currently being revamped (they were hideous and gave some very poor advice). I'm posting this here so I don't forget about it, and to keep a record of which sections have been more-or-less fixed.

  • Destroyers
  • Light Cruisers
  • Heavy/Aviation Cruisers
  • Battleships
  • Carriers
  • Auxiliaries

This is a very high-traffic page, so the fixes here will be especially helpful for users. Wsewolod (talk) 16:47, 3 September 2015 (UTC)


Some areas of note that require review due to change in game mechanics or requires validation.

Combat Stages

  • Detection

Requires planes or high detection stat (usually from RADAR).
Success increases accuracy and evasion.

  • Aerial Combat

Contact is not mentioned

  • Opening Stages

Opening Torpedo Salvo Some CLs (currently only Abukuma Kai Ni)

  • Day Combat

Shelling, 1st Round CVLs, CVs, CVBs not carrying any bombers
Does not include carriers with bombers w/ empty slots.

  • Night Combat

CVLs, CVs, and CVBs (except Graf Zeppelin, Standard Carrier Wo-Class (Flagship or higher), and Light Carrier Nu-Class (flagship or higher).
Ark Royal w/ swordfish has yasen formula shelling, CV yasen mechanic update.

Formation Modifier

Flagship protection is the situation where a non-flagship ship protects the flagship from being damaged by receiving the attack instead.
Only healthy ships will be selected for FS protection *Citation needed
Double Line is generally a good formation for heavy BB/CV fleets. There is a significant accuracy increase that benefits the typically lower accuracy carriers, while BB often still have enough firepower.
Line Abreast is the best formation for anti-sub purposes.


Success increases fleet accuracy and evasion.

  • Opening Stages

The Opening Torpedo Salvo is fired by Submarines over level 10, ships with the Torpedo-based WeaponType A Ko-hyoteki (CLTs, AVs, SS) equipped, and the Enemy Battleship Re-Class.

  • Engagement Form Modifier

Table consistency
It is speculated that the Engagement form also impacts accuracy.

Night Combat

Certain combination of weapon equipment (Main Guns, Secondary Guns, Torpedoes) will cause Cut-In or Double Attacks at night, greatly increasing accuracy and/or firepower
Auxiliary equipment (e.g RADAR, SONAR, Depth Charges, Searchlights, Turbines, Special ammunition, Pure AA Equipment, Torpedo Bulges, and Midget-subs) will not affect the combination.

Damage Calculations

  • ASW Synergy

Table inconsistency 144% vs 1.15,...

  • Contact Power Modifier

Contact bonus for +4