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Sandbox/Fall 2020 E-3

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Sandbox Rules

This sandbox is to be used to construct an event guide for the above mentioned event map. These guides are to all of the following requirements:

  • List of branching unlocking requirements (If there are multiple requirements, compositions for each path along with the below requirements will be needed to discuss the unlocking requirements in question)
  • A list of working compositions that work: (These must have possible alternatives for players who may or may not have all ships needed for a specific path)
  • The Path said composition will take (To explain what path the composition will take)
  • A summary or description of what kind of obstacles a composition will face.
  • A description of the boss node, what it consist and a descriptive guide on what the player should consider for a course of action to successfully win the battle.
  • (Optional) Tips to farm to take path to collect certain ships (This will also require a composition, path, and possible description.

Editors are to construct thier own version of thier guide and complete them in a timely fashion.

No other editors are to allowed to edit over other editor's work without the full consent of the editor and his approval to do so.

Several version will be constructed through this page and will be reviewed and approved by the staff/ collaboration committee before being moved for the Summer 2020 Event which it'll be reviewed and updated once more before it can be released.

Overall there will be 3 version of the guide that will be constructed which will include:

  • Preliminary Guide
  • Polished Guide
  • Finalized Guide

With each approval of each version the guide, the said guide will be updated to the main page and construction of the next version will begin.

All guides outside of the approved version will be removed and work will begin from the approved version to make it better for the next version until the finalized version is made.

Projected deadline for Initial guide: Dec 3rd, 12:01 JST (Or before EO Launch, whichever comes first)

Reddit Plagiat by Grunilg

General Guidelines

E3 is a multi-phase map consisting of two TP Phases followed by an unlock Phase finishing on a HP Phase. You cannot sortie any Flight-Deck equipped ship onto this map unless they have Arctic Gear & Deck Personnel equipped to them. 2 Bases of LBAS Support are available to you on this map.

LBAS Range Map


Ship Bonuses (Tentative)

Sandbox/E-3/Historical Ships

Map Phases Breakdown

Phase 1: Clear the TP Gauge

After clearing TP Phases for several generations on E1 and E2, it is now up to your great-grandson to reach the Transport Node M and to defeat the Transport Boss at Q, which includes a rather troublesome Ne-Class Kai at up to 255 Armour. There are two Options to complete this Phase. Both of them go through Node J, which can spawn an enemy Torpedo Squadron in Vanguard Formation. There will also be a Submarine Node and Airstrike Node on the way. Depending on Strategy (A or S-Ranks) you might want to set up historical ships to deal with the Ne-Class Kai at Q.

  • Recommended Fleet: (0-1CVL 0-1AV/Shinshuu MaruShinshuu Maru 0-2CAV 4DD) + (1-2CA 1-2CL 3-4DD)
  • Route: A-C-E-H-J-K-L-M-Q
  • LBAS: Range 7 (Q), Range 7 (J), No Airpower on both Nodes
  • Notes:
    • Concentrate your Transport Equipment on the Main Fleet as the Escort Fleet are the ones doing the most fighting
    • AACI to deal with the Airstrike is recommended
    • (O)ASW is optional, the subnode is not that threatening
    • There is no Airpower on the Boss, a single Seaplane-Fighter is sufficient to acquire AS
    • If Node J is troublesome, consider using one base of high accuracy Carrier Planes in LBAS to deal with them

  • Recommended Fleet: (FBB 0-1CVL 1-2CA(V) 0-2CL 1-3DD) + (CL 0-1CLT 0-2CA(V) 3-4DD)
  • Route: B-D-F-E-H-J-K-L-M-Q
  • LBAS: Range 7 (Q), Range 7 (J), No Airpower on both Nodes
  • Notes:
    • Concentrate your Transport Equipment on the Escort Fleet and Main fleet CL/DD as the Main Fleet are the ones doing the most fighting
    • AACI to deal with the Airstrike is recommended
    • (O)ASW is optional, the subnode is not that threatening
    • There is no Airpower on the Boss, a single Seaplane-Fighter is sufficient to acquire AS

Phase 2: Second Transport Phase

This Phase is largely a repeat of Phase 1 (including Fleet compositions), the Transport Node is found at U and the Transport Boss at Node X. The Transport Boss in this Phase is largely consisting of PT-Imps, so taking means to deal with them is highly recommended. In comparison to Phase 1 there is an additional Airstrike in Form of Node P. The Surface Task Force may opt to use a Fleet Carrier (CV) instead of a CVL in this Phase.

Note that Surface Task Force has different routing compared to Phase 1; in this phase, it will route from Start Point 2, proceeding via R-S-T-K-L-P-W-U-X (shortest possible route). The fleet must be Fast to avoid offrouting to nodes F & G. Other than that, the fleet is similar to the Phase 1 Surface Task Force Fleet, with the possibility of swapping a CV for a CVL.

  • The only potentially dangerous node is T, which can contain 2 Ne Elites in Vanguard formation.

Phase 3: Unlock the Boss Node and Shortcut

To unlock the Boss Node, you need to obtain Air Superiority on LBAS Raid defence twice (on Hard). Set up your LBAS accordingly and sortie your fleet until you trigger the Raid.

To unlock the Shortcut T->Z you need to do the following:

  • S-Rank Node Q:
    • You are required to use a Transport Combined Fleet as outlined in Phase 1 for this step as a STF will no longer route there.
    • Replace Transport Equipment for Combat Equipment
  • S-Rank Node D
    • Routes B-D. Use a Carrier Task Force and load up on ASW equipment
  • S-Rank Node R
    • Routes R. Use a Surface Task Force and load up on ASW equipment
  • Alternative: S-Rank Nodes D & R (in same sortie)
    • It is also possible to S-Rank Nodes D & R in one sortie, routing B-D-R. Use a Carrier Task Force that contains 4 or more (F)BB(V)+CV(L/B) and load up on ASW equipment

(optional) Phase 4: Debuff

With the presence of strong historical Bonuses, doing the debuff can be considered optional. It only applies to the Last Dance form. It is currently unknown if debuffing can only be done once the Boss is put into a Last Dance state. The following steps are suspected to be required on Hard Difficulty:

  • S-Rank Node T
  • S-Rank Node K
  • S-Rank Node J (?)
  • S-Rank Node Q (P1 Boss, requires usage of TCF)
  • S-Rank Node I (slow CTF: 3(BB/CV) + CL/4DD)

Phase 5: Defeat the Abyssal Loli Battleship Princess

The Goal of this Phase is to defeat the New Battleship Princess found at Node Z. She is accompanied by two Wo-Class Kai Aircraft Carriers and a heavier Torpedo Squadron in a Combined Fleet. She herself can be considered the main threat of this Node, her escorting ships are considerably weaker compared to other Event Boss nodes. At up to 356 Armour on Last Dance and 980HP you should be making use of Historical Ships with high bonuses like VerniyVerniy, TashkentTashkent and Gangut DvaGangut Dva.

  • Recommended Fleet: (2CV 2-3CA(V) 1-2CL) + (FBB CL 1-2CA(V) 0-1CLT 2-3DD)
  • Route: B-D-F-G-S-T-Z
  • LBAS: Range 7, AD/AP is 69/138 and 89/177 on Hard Mode
  • Notes:
    • This is the heaviest fleet you can take to this Boss. It also ignores speed, so utilizing Gangut in the Escort will be more viable
    • Due to Shelling order, Node T might be problematic for your Escort Fleet
    • Support Expeditions recommended on Last Dance

  • Recommended Fleet: (1-3(F)BB(V) 0-1CV(B) 2-3CA(V) 0-1CL 0-1DD) + (CL 0-2CLT 0-1CA(V) 3-4DD) | Maximum of 3 (F)BB(V) + CV(B/L), Fast Fleet
  • Route: R-G-S-T-Z
  • LBAS: Range 7, AD/AP is 69/138 and 89/177 on Hard Mode
  • Notes:
    • Better Preboss due to STF shelling at expense of heaviest firepower possible at the boss
    • Using Support Expeditions is recommended. Using ASW support is an option to help facetank the Submarine Node.
    • It is possible to remove one capital ship (CV/BB) from the fleet to skip the Air Raid Node G