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Kancolle Wiki:Staff

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Staff members and notable contributors are listed here.

Gflag.png Founders

Marshal Admiral.png

Mamizou (Steward, Infrastructure)
Patches (Steward, Management)
Gensui Hime (Steward, Wiki Relations, Coding)

Sflag.png Administrators


Remi_Scarlet (EN Wiki Admin, Codermin/Script, Translator)
Totaku (EN Wiki Admin, PR)
KyoriAsh (ZH Wiki Admin)
Benlisquare (EN Wiki Admin)


Vice Admiral.png

CCaRBiNG (KR Wiki Admin)
Unbendablestraw (EN Wiki Admin)

Bflag.png Major Contributors

Rear Admiral.png

Tomosumi Sato (Head Translator)
Anged_Obscurite (Co-Translator, Script)
Kurururocks (Co-Translator)

Meeting notes can be found Here.